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Scholarly Catalogs MANDARIN 1091 - Week 2 Dr. Sarah Martinez Submission Date: 27 July 2013 Daniel Williams Cynthia
Scholarly Catalogs - MANDARIN Week 2 Introduction For Scholarly Catalogs The empty helmet hits the ground, and the battle comes to a standstill as everyone is astonished to see that the Black Knight has no head. You knock on the door, trying to convince yourself that your father wouldn't leave without you, but deep down you know he has. Since you were five years old, you have called them the shadow people. Quickly you run outside but, reaching the porch, you stop in shock as eight forms resembling massive metallic eggs shoot up into the air, each buzzing and whirling madly before coughing, spitting smoke, and falling to Earth. You and the officer chase after it and then pry open the grate. She teaches you alchemy and potion making and talks about the trip she plans to take to Maine to find an herb with magical properties that she's always wanted to gather, but has never had the time to do so. You and your friend are at a carnival when you come across a booth challenging you to test your strength by pulling a sword out of a stone. Before you can do anything, the wolf transforms into a slender woman with flowing white hair. Then your adoptive mother enrolls you at a new school, where you meet two girls with the same birthmark that you have on their necks. They wreck computers and other equipment, throw food around, hang toilet paper off of trees and cabins, and even set off a stink bomb in the bathroom. Your crew grows more comfortable, spreading out across the landing site and into the forest, valleys, and meadows. However, the blood is a deep brown, like it has been dried for a very long time. She then reveals herself to be Gefjun, the goddess of agriculture and abundance, and states that she has given your greedy mother exactly what she wanted. Sometimes they're tiny, sending little more than ripples out across the surface. You begin to read them but must hide your secret under threat of imprisonment. You two will be the characters in her new game, and the longer you play, the closer you are to being trapped forever. There was great hope that the ship created and launched by your forefathers would one day colonize a faraway planet and establish a new human civilization there. An airborne virus released in 1989 by the Russians during the Soviet- Afghan War infects millions of people worldwide, turning them into winged, gargoyle creatures. But something was clearly miscalculated. Maybe you're just imagining things. You open your hands, and the mouse has turned to dust. As more and more people report that family members did not return from their day at sea, the townsfolk panic, and soon they are screaming and crying. When you receive a broken radio transmission from some of your men who have somehow survived the swarm for now, you must decide if you should wait out the insects or try to save your men. Why does nobody in the orchestra look like him? You hang around, and he seems to know you are waiting because he wraps up quickly and comes to talk to you. 1
Scholarly Catalogs - MANDARIN Week 2 2
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