Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe THIS DOCUMENT WAS GENERATED FOR FREE GET YOUR FREE DOCUMENTS HERE: Q1: When was the Declaration of Independence approved by the Second Continental Congress?? a. May 4, 1776 b. June 4, 1776 c. !July 4, 1776 d. July 2, 1776 Q2: What name represents the letter "M" in the NATO phonetic alphabet?? a. !Mike b. Matthew c. Max d. Mark Q3: Which language is NOT Indo-European?? a. Greek b. Russian c. Latvian d. !Hungarian Q4: Which of the following Ivy League universities has its official motto in Hebrew as well as in Latin?? a. Harvard University b. !Yale University c. Princeton University d. Columbia University Q5: Which of the following buildings is example of a structure primarily built in the Art Deco architectural sty a. Taipei 101 b. One Detroit Center c. Westendstrasse 1 d. !Niagara Mohawk Building Q6: What is the Italian word for "tomato"?? a. !Pomodoro b. Aglio c. Cipolla d. Peperoncino Q7: What is the name of the popular animatronic singing fish prop, singing such hits such as "Don
a. !Big Mouth Billy Bass b. Sardeen c. Big Billy Bass d. Singing Fish Q8: According to the United States' CDC, one in how many Americans die annually due to smoking?? a. Twenty b. One hundred c. Ten d. !Five Q9: Where does water from Poland Spring water bottles come from?? a. Hesse, Germany b. !Maine, United States c. Bavaria, Poland d. Masovia, Poland Q10: Frank Lloyd Wright was the architect behind what famous building?? a. !The Guggenheim b. Sydney Opera House c. The Space Needle d. Villa Savoye
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