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Natalia Brocious General Information Weekly Theme: How to Writing Name of Activity: How to Writing activity Age of Children: 12 years old Number of Children: 1 Rational Goal: The child will be able to explain to others how to do a particular activity by using the different writing skills and communication skills that are learned during this activity. Objectives: 1) The child will be able to explain and communicate to others through writing down the instructions on how to do something that the class may not know how to do. 2) The child will improve their writing skills by using transition words while describing the different events or steps that are going on in the activity. Activity Materials Needed: - Pencil - Paper - Peanut Butter - Jelly - Knife - Spoon - Bread - Paper plates Steps to complete activity: 1. Explain to the student what transition words are and what they will do to help develop their communication and writing skills. 2. Secondly, Pass out a sheet of paper and a pencil to each child. 3. Tell them that they are going to write down and explain to you how to make a PB&J as if you have never made a PB&J before. 4. Give the children about 10 minutes to write down their version of the instructions. 5. Once the timer goes off, have each child read their directions to you and see if you can make one perfectly. 6. You can also have the break off in groups and do it together to see if they can communicate to the others effectively.
Evaluation 1. Were the two learning objectives met? Provide evidence from the video. Both objectives were met because the child was able to explain and communicate to me effectively and he was able to use the transition words correctly. In the video, he wrote down almost the exact instructions of how to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. As he was writing his instructions, I noticed that he was using the transition words as he was describing each step. 2. Was there a clear connection to one theory outlined in the Module 4 Lecture Narrative? If so, describe how. Provide evidence from the video. I would say that there was a connection between the constructive theory because this activity was created through different learning experiences that I have had in the past. The constructive theory suggests that learning is constructed through experiences. During the lesson, the student used his knowledge of communication and cooking to help him explain to me how to make a PB&J. He had also done this activity once before, but that was a few years ago. 3. What percentage of the time during the learning experience were the children engaged with planned content? I would say that my student was engaged about 85% of the time because he was listening, writing his instructions, and he was also reading his instructions to me. He was involved in all parts of the activity. 4. Was the learning experience developmentally appropriate for the children? If so, describe
how. If not, describe why not. Yes, this activity was developmentally appropriate for the child because he is 12 and needed to develop his communication skills. I believe his skills are a little bit more developed because he was able to explain things clearly to others once we were done with the activity. 5. What would you do differently next time? Why? Next time, I will have more than one child because I was on Spring break from work. Due to both of my bosses and all of the schools around being on Spring break, I was only able to teach one child my lesson. I will also put all of the children in different groups so that they can work together to figure out what to do. 6. Describe your challenges with the assignment. Challenges can be from any aspect of this activity (planning, implementation, or video recording). I struggled with a few things with this assignment because this assignment happened to be assigned when I was not working and all of the people and schools in my area were on spring break. I was only able to teach one child because of my little Spring Break situation. I also struggled with uploading my video and editing it so I had to share it to Mrs. Davin on Google Docs and emailed her to tell her that I was having technical difficulties with it. 7. Describe your successes with this assignment. I believe that my lesson plan was a success along with the activity that I did because my student
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