Listening Lesson 4 - Midterm Test Answer Key

ANSWER KEY CELPIP Preparation Program Lesson 4: Listening Part 5; Midterm Review Test Listening Midterm Test Booklet - Part 1: Listening to Problem Solving Answers 1. d 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. a 6. b 7. a 8. c Analysis 1. The man tells the receptionist that the water won't drain in his bathroom sink . He said that he had already mentioned it to housekeeping staff, but no work has been done yet. 2. She just started work 10 mins. ago , so she couldn't have asked other staff to help, and she certainly can't say she's already had a busy work day. 3. The man says there were no other problems, once he figured out how to get on the internet , suggesting that he had some difficulty in doing so. 4. The man denies drinking any soda or mineral water inside the fridge, and says that he only removed some bottles to put his own cans of iced tea in it. 5. The woman says that the problem does happen sometimes , so it is not unusual. She also says the fact that the man removed some bottles from the fridge is "likely the problem , " so it seems that she does understand the problem. Nothing else can be inferred. 6. Nowhere does the man indicate that he wants a refund, and he only says that the housekeeping staff might have found the bottles. Moreover, guests would not normally pay extra for issues such as plumbing maintenance, etc. 7. She does not avoid getting the manager involved, since he is the only one who can reverse the charges. In fact, she gives the man her manager's card, so that he can contact him by email or by phone. Since the man is in a hurry, she does not call the manager or ask the man to wait. 8. The receptionist merely tells the man the procedure, and gives him her manager's card to dispute the charges. Nothing about her opinion of the man can be inferred. Listening Midterm Test Booklet - Part 2: Listening to a Daily Life Conversation Answers 1. c 2. a 3. c 4. a 5. a Analysis 1. The overall tone of the conversation suggests that the man and woman know each other intimately, and are more than merely co-workers or classmates. 2. Although camping and swimming are popular activities near lakes, they are not mentioned, whereas the man suggests a hike and the woman suggests a picnic. A picnic is a short, daytime activity, whereas camping involves at least one overnight stay. 3. "It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day" refers to today 's weather, not tomorrow's or next weekend's. Moreover, if they wer e going after work, they would have mentioned this, as it would require specific planning. 4. The woman says she was thinking of somewhere a bit quieter . "By the water" could mean beside a lake or river, and not necessarily the ocean. The fact that they "haven't been there in a while" suggests that they do not go there often. 5. The man says " How about you make the sandwiches , and I'll gather all the stuff we need?"
ANSWER KEY Instructor's Guide: Listening Skills Listening Midterm Test Booklet - Part 3: Listening for Information Answers 1. b 2. a 3. a 4. c 5. b 6. a Analysis 1. Although the fireworks competition will take place near t he beach, the term "beach party" suggests a smaller, private affair, as opposed to a major public event such as a fireworks competition . 2. While b , c , and d all may be reasonably inferred, nothing about heavy traffic or expensive parking is mentioned. On the other hand, the woman explicitly says, " All the streets in that part of town will be closed down for the event ." 3. The woman suggests parking in another neighbourhood and walking about half an hour. 4. The man suggests having a picnic, but the woman says that this wouldn't be a good idea, based on her experience. Moreover, the phrase " grab dinner somewhere " means to eat in a restaurant. 5. Although the fireworks festival takes place near the beach, the people decide to watch the event from the street because it is less crowded and won't be affected by the tide. 6. At one point, the man says he would have been there all night, meaning that he would have been stuck waiting for a bus. However, the woman says they should leave " before 1/2 million people head for transit. " Listening Midterm Test Booklet - Part 4: Listening to a News Item Answers 1. c 2. c 3. a 4. a 5. d Analysis 1. "James Hutton...was watching the mall security cameras when he saw a suspicious man lurking near the food court ...", i.e., he saw a potential thief on the camera . 2. Both a and d are completely implausible, since shouting over a megaphone would alert any potential thief. Option b may seem plausible, since earpieces are often used with cellphones; however, the fact that Hutton gave Gill directions over his earpiece suggests verbal two-way radio communication rather than text messaging. 3. Although the article mentions a blurry T.V. screen, there is no suggestion that the equipment was actually malfunctioning in any way, so c and d are incorrect. There is no mention of how well Gill and Hutton got along at their job, although their level of teamwork suggests they got along quite well. On the other hand, it is clear that they were having a lot of trouble finding the person Hutton had seen , since Gill seemed to be constantly getting closer to the man, but not actually able to find him. 4. They finally figured out the problem when another security guard joined them and suggested that Gill [was] actually chasing himself around. 5. This probably will not happen again because the mall security screens have since been replaced with newer models. Listening Midterm Test Booklet - Part 5: Listening to a Discussion Answers 1. a 2. b 3. d 4. b 5. a 6. d 7. c 8. c Analysis
ANSWER KEY CELPIP Preparation Program 1. Because he has more seniority, he might be able to get Rick to replace him on Saturday. 2. The man is frustrated with the I.T. employee's schedule, but not his work ethic. He does not wish to switch departments, and he already knows his seniority relative to Rick. His main issue is with the company scheduling policy . 3. The woman says "I asked for Sunday off and didn't get it"; therefore , we can conclude that she has to work this coming Sunday . 4. She is joking, and is not actually accusing him of cheating, or suggesting that he is undeserving. While she envies his work arrangements , she doesn't necessarily want exactly the same thing. 5. The man wearing a suit says that he has paid his dues , meaning that he is a long-time staff member . 6. She says, " Y ou just heard me say I need Saturdays off", meaning that she is not appreciative. S he is using sarcasm to indicate her displeasure. 7. Rick is the new guy in I.T.; therefore, he cannot have more seniority than the woman. The only thing that can be concluded is that he will be asked to work this weekend, as a result of the request by the man with the hat. 8. The man in the suit says, " It really pays to stay with the company for a while ...once you have some seniority, you get to pick the days you work..."
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