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Communication Management Plan Southern New Hampshire University QSO 340: Project Management Dierdre Brown September 24, 2023
Lines of Communication Software Architect (Michael Lee) Product Manager (Julie Smith) Project Manager (TBA) Team Lead (Tony Hernandez) Software Tester 1 Software Tester 2 Software Tester 3 Software Developer 1 Software Developer 2 UI Developer UI Desginer
XYZ Communication Management Plan Scope of Communication Stakeholder Communication Overview Communication Management Plan Stakeholder Communication Overview Name Title Response Time ABC Solutions Executive Team 4 days TBA Project Manager 24-72 hours Julie Smith Product Manager 48-72 hours Michael Lee Software Architect 24-48 hours TBA UI Designer 48-72 hours TBA UI Developer 48-72 hours Ryan Hernandez Team Lead - ABC Workflow v3.0 24-72 hours TBA Technical Team Lead 48-72 hours TBA Software Developer 48-72 hours TBA Software Tester 24-48 hours Communication Management Plan Information Shared Frequency Level of Detail Project Updates Bi-Weekly Medium Project Milestone Reports Monthly High Budget Meetings Monthly High UI - Software Development Updates Bi-Weekly High Resource Availability As Needed Low Scope Changes As Needed Medium Reports/Escalations As Needed Medium
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