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COM 2023
Oct 11, 2023
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Communication 5613: New Media Design and Production Spring 2021 Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Chad Mahood Instructor Email: [email protected] Course Format: Fully online and asynchronous (no class meetings) Online Office Hours: M - F, 1:00 - 5:00pm by appointment only, or anytime via email Course Description Introduction to information design and application of communication theories to practice. Advanced study of new media development. Hands-on skill development in creating digital content elements for use in multimedia and combining these elements into interactive presentations. The course includes integration of communication theory with research and/or practice. Note: COM 5103 or consent of instructor is a prerequisite. Course Objectives (COs) CO1: To identify and explain various theories of persuasive communication. CO2: To create persuasive multimedia projects with various publishing tools (e.g., Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro). CO3: To argue the effectiveness of multimedia projects using communication theories. CO4: To argue the effectiveness of multimedia projects using empirical data. Required Readings Readings noted on the syllabus will be made available online ( Grading Exam #1 10% Exam #2 10% Lecture Video Quizzes 10% Short Assignments 30% Major Projects 20% Final Group Project/Presentation 20% Total 100%
Tentative Course Schedule Module Lecture Topics Readings Date Notes Module 1 (01) Intro and Applied Theory Reading 1 T 1-19 Start Slideshows 01 - 06 and (Weeks 1 - 5) (02) Targeting & Persuading Reading 2 associated readings/videos 1-19 to 2-19 (03) Elaboration Likelihood Readings 3, 4 (04) Photoshop Basics n/a F 1-29 Short Assignment #1 due (05) Theory of Reasoned Action Reading 5 (06) Persuasion and Design Reading 6 F 2-5 Short Assignment #2 due TH 2-11 Exam #1 opens F 2-12 Exam #1 due at midnight F 2-19 Major Project #1 due Module 2 (07) Testing Persuasion Theories Readings 7, 8 M 2-22 Start Slideshows 07 - 12 and (Weeks 6 - 11) (08) Framing Reading 9 associated readings/videos 2-22 to 4-2 (09) Priming Reading 10 (10) Social Cognitive Theory Readings 11, 12 F 3-5 Short Assignment #3 due (11) Dreamweaver Basics n/a (12) Premiere Pro Basics n/a M 3-8 Spring Break, nothing due F 3-19 Short Assignment #4 due TH 3-25 Exam #2 opens F 3-26 Exam #2 due at midnight F 4-2 Major Project #2 due Module 3 No lectures, exams, or readings. M 4-5 Start Module 3 Assignments (Weeks 12 - 16) Focus on Assignments and Media Production. 4-5 to 5-7 F 4-16 Short Assignment #5 due F 4-23 Short Assignment #6 due F 5-7 Final Group Project due
Course Policies Exams: All exams will be held online through Blackboard. All exams will be held on the dates noted on the syllabus. Exams will be open for 48 hours but once an exam is started students will have only 60 minutes to complete the exam. Online exams cannot be paused. Please thoroughly check internet connections and read all instructions before starting an online exam. All exams are to be taken on the designated exam dates. No early or late exams are allowed except in the case of an authorized University activity or an extreme emergency . In these instances, you must email the instructor with documentation of the activity or emergency (e.g., a medical note from a certified physician, a screenshot documenting the time/date of a power outage, etc.). Lecture Video Quizzes: There will be several graded quiz questions throughout the online video lectures. These are meant to prepare you for both the style and content of exam questions. Use them as a study tool and take them again and again to get correct answers. These will remain open until the Final Group Project is due (date noted in the Tentative Course Schedule). Short assignments: These are brief assignments designed to demonstrate an applied understanding of course material (e.g., short papers, simple Photoshop manipulation, etc.). Major Projects: Two in-depth assignments that will allow a more detailed application of course material (e.g., advertising campaigns, complex webpages, etc.). Final Group Project/Presentation: At the end of the semester students will work in groups of 4 to create a project that combines all the skills learned throughout the semester. Specifically, students will combine elements from Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro to create interlinked webpages. Students will also record and edit a video presentation explaining the theory and design applied to the webpages. Grading Scale: 93-100% A 87-89% B+ 80-82% B- 73-76% C 60-69% D 90-92% A- 83-86% B 77-79% C+ 70-72% C- Below 60% F Communication Plan: There are several ways you can communicate with the instructor during this online course (the instructor will generally respond to all messages within 24 hours): 1. Email the instructor directly at [email protected] from your own email account. Keep in mind, however, that the instructor cannot communicate about grades through email. 2. Use the "Send Email" tool. This has th e same result as sending a direct email, but it comes from Blackboard instead of your personal email account. 3. Use the "Course Messages" tool to send a private message about grades. This communication stays in Blackboard and is the only secure way to discuss your grade. You will have to log in to Blackboard to send and receive these course messages.
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