Part A-Academic Skills Plan for Taking Notes

Part A: Academic Skills Plan for Taking Notes You will be following the Wise Choice process, as found on pages 58-60 of the On Course textbook, that will empower you to take greater responsibility for creating your life as you want it to be. Step 1. What's my present situation? (See On Course (green pages) for a list of common problems.) Write your response here: I forget a lot of what my teacher says and I'm unable to take notes because there is too much commotion. Step 2. How would I like my situation to be? (Remember to state each goal in the present tense.) Write your response here: I would like to be able to hear my teacher and take the notes I need to for class without being distracted. Step 3. What are my possible choices? Choose a minimum of three. (For a list about possible choices please see below. Possible Choices 1. Create a positive affirmation about taking notes. 2. Assemble appropriate supplies. 3. Go over notes from previous class sessions. 4. Prepare a list of questions. 5. Eliminate distractions. 6. Listen actively for key concepts, main ideas, and supporting details. 7. Ask and answer questions. 8. Listen for verbal clues. 9. Watch for visual clues. 10. Take notes on discussions. 11. Stay focused. 12. Take notes with an outline. 13. Take notes with a concept map.
14. Use the Cornel Note-taking system. 15. Record the class. 16. Polish your notes within 24 hours. 17. Compare notes with a classmate. 1. Write your first choice here: Record the class. 2. Write your second choice here: Compare notes with a classmate. 3. Write your third choice here: Sit away from the people that are distracting. Step 4. What is the likely outcome for each possible choice? 1. Write your first outcome here: I will be able to go back over all my notes, and hear what I miss. 2. Write your second outcome here: I will get the notes that I had missed. 3. Write your third outcome here: I would have to find a seat across the class away from the people distracting me. Step 5. Which choice(s) will you commit to doing? Write your response here: Write a goal using the DAPPS Method: Dated, Achievable, Positive, Personal, and Specific. Write your goal here and then break it down into DAPPS. Goal D The next time I have class I will test out this theory, which is next Monday. A I think that it is pretty achievable P yes P yes S I will show up early, find a seat on the other side of the class and take my notes in peace. Step 6. What action steps will you take each day to evaluate progress towards your goal?
Write your response here: Well I'll only be able to try this out when I have that class. Which isn't very often. And honestly the notes aren't very important, but it would make me feel better.
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