ENG103-1019 Unit 1 Assignment

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ENG 103
Oct 21, 2023
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Address October 30, 2022 Eastern Gateway Community College 4000 Sunset Boulevard Steubenville, Ohio 43952 Dear Professor Hall: I hope you are doing well and had a great weekend. I'm Nicholas Purse, a student in your ENG103-1019 class at Eastern Gateway Community College, and I wanted to discuss how context influences communication, including the different roles that language and culture play in communication styles. In order to effectively communicate, you must understand the context. I think that it is important to understand the person and their role/position, the means in which you are communicating, and the type of message you are trying to convey. Communicating electronically can be difficult at times, I have learned. I think as I prepare a communication that I have to consider my message, what I am trying to achieve from my message, and who is going to read it. I think that a very important thing to consider when writing a communication is the tone that I use. I find this to be especially important because of the way that your message and tone can be perceived by the receiver. For example, if I am trying to justify the need for a new piece of equipment to my boss, it is important to convey the positive results that the organization will see, rather than coming across as condescending by mentioning that other organizations have that piece of equipment, and we do not. I have been told several times, "it is not what you say, it is how you say it" and I think that is very true and applicable to everyone and every form of communication. Additionally, there are factors to consider like culture and language. Depending on how someone was raised is a huge contributing factor to the way they communicate. This is true to their education and the time they were raised, in my opinion. One thing to take into consideration is the language that we speak, it is one of the most complex languages out there. If there is a
language barrier to the receiver when I am sending a message, I can expect that the message will not be received as I intended. In this case, I think that "less is more" and it would help keep the message clear and on point to the receiver, regardless of the cultural or language barrier. Overall, I think that it is important to understand the importance of the means of communications, the medium, the receiver and the importance of the communication. This is why it is important to understand how context can influence communication. In reality, I would compose a letter differently to my boss, than I would when writing a letter to my friend that lives in another country. Sincerely, Name Student, Eastern Gateway Community College
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