Nga Nguyen COM 259 Professor Trego September 29, 2023 Leadership and Conflict Styles - what did you learn about yourself? The results - Conflict survey: Owl (collaborating). I scored 10,10,9 respectively, for Collaborating, Accommodating, and Compromising. But I felt closer to the Collaborating side. - Leadership survey: A mix between a Team Leader and an Authoritarian. I lie between these two sections because my People point totaled to an exact 5, and my Task point is a 5.8, so according to the Matrix, I am right between the lines. Definition - Owl: They frequently view disputes as a way to forge stronger bonds and work to ease tensions by looking for compromises that will please all sides. - Team Leader (high task, high relationship): Sets a good example for others to follow and works to create a positive work atmosphere. They try to keep the group together. - Authoritarian Leader (high task, low relationship): Task-focused and demanding of their staff. Allowance for cooperation or collaboration is either very limited or nonexistent. They don't tolerate what they consider to be disagreement. The similarity between the Conflict survey and the Leadership survey The results show that I am collaborative and accommodating. I want to foster a happy working environment for myself and the people around me; I'd rather have conflict, be straightforward about it, and look for effective communication to resolve it. The difference between the Conflict survey and the Leadership survey While I can be cheerio and motivating, sometimes, when it comes to serious work, I display some traits of the Authoritarian. I can be demanding; I can be strict and organized. Thoughts I relate to these two surveys. Usually, when I have to work with people, I am flexible, and I try to make everyone happy even though there is a dispute. But the Authoritarian side kicks in when I am working on something very important to me. For example, if I'm the manager of an important project that I need to have to get promoted, then I would go a little crazy about it and make sure it's perfect, and it's flawless. I would not allow disputes and I would get annoyed if someone lazy-off. But this kind of project does not always come once every week, so I think overall I'm good to work with. (386 words)
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