Week 4 Assignment 2 sample

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Oct 18, 2023
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1 Week 4 Assignment 2 Template: PowerPoint Topic and Organization John Doe Chamberlain University COMM277N-Interpersonal Communication Professor: Jane Doe October 01, 2022
2 Week 4 Assignment 2 Template: PowerPoint Topic and Organization Topic : Verbal Communication Specific Topic : How to become more confident when talking to people. Thesis Statement : Becoming confident when speaking in public specially in healthcare setting. Main Points (stated in words or phrases) #1: Be prepared before starting a conversation. #2: Speaking clearly and on point. #3: Giving information in a specific manner will allow my receiver to ask questions. Three Sources (just the titles for this week) Source 1: How to communicate effectively in patients' medical notes. Source 2: Verbal Communication Styles and Culture. Source 3: Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation (SBAR) Communication Tool for Handoff in Health Care Reflection Medical care is an open area for constant cultural communication. As I sat down and reflected on how many different cultures that can be impact on my topic. The reason I decided to pick my thesis was simply because communicating in the medical field setting has provided me with many issues. It feels like every coworker I hand my patients off to wants different information or behaves like the information I'm relating to them is not important. This may be because of the difference of language barrier, backgrounds, or audience around. Sometimes delivering information to different groups of people in the medical field the understanding on the communication line may fail. I believe if I focus more on all three of points it may help my
3 journey with confidence and giving accurate patient reporting. Effective verbal communication in healthcare can lead to better patient outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and improved overall quality of care. It is an essential skill for healthcare professionals to develop and maintain throughout their careers.
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