Lesson 6fill-in-blank

1. Because Joan lost her job, she is going to request ___________ so she can pay her debts when her finances are stronger. 2. Rick occasionally wakes up in a cold sweat because of ___________ nightmares about his time serving in the war. 3. My sister is a shallow ___________ who will flatter anyone for a free designer handbag. 4. The position of president comes with an ___________ that has the authority to speak on behalf of an entire nation. 5. Karen's parents were serious people who did not seem to appreciate her acts of ___________ during church service. 6. Frank's wife filed for divorce after learning about his ___________ affair with their neighbor. 7. In a natural desert, there is no ___________ earth for farming. 8. Sarah rebuffed William's attempts to ___________ her by buying her a bouquet of flowers after he missed their date. 9. The mother who lied about her son's whereabouts will soon face trial for ___________. 10. Although it might sound ___________ in a school dedicated to artistic freedom, it appears that some limitations are necessary. 11. Although the witness was only able to provide a ___________ description of the perpetrator, the police sketch artist was able to come up with a reasonable representation. 12. People laugh in ___________ when they find out that my name is Dick. 13. Unfortunately, the firemen were not able to ___________ the dog from the burning building. 14. An ___________ student, Emma has always earned perfect scores in her classes. 15. Why would such a young woman wear those ___________ dresses that make her look like an old lady? 16. It is hard for me to not feel ___________ towards my ex-bestfriend who married my ex-boyfriend. 17. Students who consider test instructions to be ___________ often fail exams. 18. Mom, who is usually loud and ___________, was surprisingly quiet as a mouse this morning. 19. Marrying someone you have only known for a month is an ___________ decision! 20. The murder tour will take you to the sites of several ___________ celebrity killings. 21. When Janice stopped practicing the piano, her musical skills started to ___________. 22. Being a weak, superficial woman of no stability of character, her success caused her to behave with ___________ and rudeness, in strong contrast with Catherine's quiet dignity under her misfortunes. 23. Jim was so miserable in his marriage he often drank himself into ___________ to escape his sorrow. 24. He was weak, ___________ and ineffective as a politician, having a different policy idea every other day. 25. A part of healing is letting go of the ___________ you feel towards people who have wronged you in the past. Lesson 6 Vocabulary: Fill in the Blank You may print this page out & complete it, copy it into One Note & complete it, or simply write the answers on a sheet of notebook paper.
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