Week 6 The Seven Stages of Grief

1 The Seven Stages of Grief Raymond Hufnagle October 7, 2023 Point University HREL Professor Lifer
2 ' As with anyone, loss affects us all. I lost my mama almost 10 years ago. She was a huge influence in my life. My wife lost her dad just three weeks before I lost mom. It was a very sad month for our children. I was so thankful for God that year. There are seven stages to grief in which I plan to touch upon in this paper. The seven stages of grief are shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and hope, and finally processing grief. My wife and I experienced all of the stages. At first, it was very hard for us to accept the fact that my mom and her father had died. Both of them went quickly. It was a shock to everyone. Christian counselors aiming to help people through the grief process need to understand the recent" theories of bereavement that focus on individual intrapsychic experiences along with the family system's interpsychic impact from loss," (Clinton, Hart, and Ohlschlager, (2005), Bereavement affects everyone in different ways, and it's possible to experience any range of emotions. "There is no right or wrong way to feel. Feelings of grief can also happen because of other types of loss or changes in circumstances, for example: the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, moving away to a new location, or a decline in the physical or mental health of someone we care about," (nationaluglymugs.org)
3 References Clinton, T., Hart, A. & Ohlschlager, G. 2005. Caring for people Gods' way: Personal and emotional issues, addictions, grief, and trauma; et al (Paperback). Nelson Reference & Electronic. ISBN: 978- 0785297758 GRIEF-AND-LOSS-RESOURCES-NUM-2020.pdf (nationaluglymugs.org)
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