Daika Cesar October 12,2023 Period 6 Would you rather be feared or loved? I personally think I would rather be feared then loved because the power of reputation, you can use fear as a motivational tool, and maintaining control. Contiues reading to find out why it better to be feared then loved. To Start off, the power of Reputation. According to Hopeline by S. Kelly said Fear creates a strong reputation that can deter potential adversaries. When individuals or leaders are feared, they are less likely to face challenges or be threatened. This psychological advantage can provide a sense of security and influence the behavior of those around them. Next, you can use fear as motivational tool based on the source it said " Fear can be a powerful motivator. In certain contexts, such as military or emergency situations, fear can drive individuals to push their limits and achieve extraordinary feats. The fear of failure or negative consequences can push people to perform at their best, surpassing their own expectations." Finally, fear allow you to maintain control, According to the source it said Fear allows individuals to maintain control over a situation or group. Fearful leaders often
have a tighter grip on their followers, as fear discourages dissent and promotes obedience. This control can be crucial in maintaining order, achieving goals, and ensuring stability. To sum up everything that has been stated I believe it better to be feared then loved because people have more respect for you and are scary to wrong you. Please discuss with your classmate if you rather be feared than loved?
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