Mod 5

Module 5 Reflection That statement "the 30 is the new 20" hits a little close to me. I am twenty-four going on twenty-five this September. This has me thinking about my future and if I am planning, and or ready for it. If I had spoken to my self ten years ago I would have told anyone listing by this time I would be out of college and hopefully have my dream job, and the girl I would be with for the rest of my life. Currently I am working at Walmart and still attending college classes now. I believe that part of this has to do with what Meg Jay stated. Meg stated, "urban ties are overrated'. I believe this what has held me back for a while now. I had become accustomed to the group of people that I hang with now. The group of people who I hang with now are highly educated but have not attend college and work at Walmart. These people have began to mold my way of acting and thinking. I need to branch out to out communities and find my way to bettering myself if I would like to succeed in life. Succeeding would be now time, rather than later. I had taken a year from college when my brother got sick to help around the house, as college was stressful as well. I have realized the importance of finishing college and obtaining a degree. Meg was right when she stated "the time to settle down is 20's not 30's. I believe once I finish my degree within the next three years or so my life with have a better outlook on it. So to say 30's are the new 20's is only true to the people who don't have the means, but to me I have realized now being twenty-four , that the time is now to get my life together before it's too late.
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