101123 part 9

Part A: Reflecting on Progress When I started this course, my confidence in writing was moderate and I felt slightly uneasy about all the new experiences. Through the term, I learned a lot about accepting and using feedback to improve my writing, which became my biggest achievement in this course. This practice not only improved my writing skills but also boosted my confidence. Moving forward, I'll employ a strategy of extensive pre-writing, involving detailed planning, outlining, and researching before actual writing to ensure my ideas are organized and my writing is solid. Part B: Using Passion for Social Change Noeline Kirabo's TED talk shows how one question can redirect someone's life by linking their passion to their career. If I had endless resources, I'd focus on providing quality education to underprivileged communities worldwide, ensuring it is a basic right for all, not a privilege. Aligning with Kirabo's idea, my goal is to mesh my professional journey with a personal passion for widespread impact. Moreover, "Half the Sky" by Kristof and WuDunn, shares several stories of women who, even amidst adversity, facilitated social change through education and empowerment. A particular story involves a Cambodian girl whose life and community transform positively through her education (Kristof & WuDunn, 2009). Integrating these insights, my aspiration is to mold a career that intertwines passion and purpose, thereby enabling a ripple effect of positive social change, similarly to the examples from Kirabo and "Half the Sky".
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