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Jasmine Jefferson Mary Wardlaw BSCOM/420 December 1 st , 2022 Intercultural Communication Email
To: Regina Delp From: Jasmine Jefferson Subject: Communication challenges between Janet Harvey and Ai Chen Good morning Ms. Regina! I hope you're having a great start to your day! I was able to get everyone's timecards submitted, as well as working on the next few weeks schedules so that should give us a little bit of breathing room ? . Now, I am emailing you because while I was walking past two of our employees, I noticed that they were having a minor spat, and communication issues. Janet, one of the supervisors of the American Textile company, and Ai, who submits the monthly reports on the productivity of the sales department have been disagreeing for quite some time now, but this time I believe that tempers flared, and different communication styles caused some of it. They are both from different walks of life; Janet is from Wyoming, and Ai is from a small town south of Shanghai, China, which I'm sure you're aware of. However, that is why I think they're having trouble communicating, and that's where the differences come in. I remember studying different communication styles, cultures, and principles in college, and I believe that we can break ice between them, help them get a better understanding of one another and their different communication styles, and get them back on the same page. With Intercultural communication principles, help us communicate effectively. Respecting other cultures, having awareness of other cultures, and our own, knowledge of different cultural codes, and social skills to bridge any differences are the intercultural communication principles that help get a better understanding of people and their culture specifically. After hearing the girls' encounter, I realized that they are both unaware of the other's culture background and
upbringing. With Janet being from Wyoming, she is part of the low-context culture; where this group likes to talk, make sure that there is no confusion or misunderstanding, and the need for background and prior information is a necessity. Whereas Ai, is from a small town south of Shanghai China, and they are considered a part of the high-context culture. This group is the group that wants and needs to get straight to the point, and little to no background information is needed, since many communicators are indirect and non-verbal. I believe that Janet's friendly, yet loud and a little demanding approach startled Ai, since she is not used to such bold and broad confrontations. On the other hand, Ai's quiet and subtle responses and approach to the conversation threw Janet off a little. From what I gathered, she's not used to someone being "standoffish', and quiet while she's asking them questions or telling them what needs to be done. This is what caused them both to become defensive and irritated with one another. I do not agree with Janet's assumptions of Ai. She seemed to imply that Ai needed "good management practice", and her telling Ai what she needed to do, when she needed to do it, and how she should do it was a bit much and impulsive. I noticed that there is where Ai got more uncomfortable and defensive, more than what she already was, because Janet was implying that her management skills were not up to par. Those reasons alone, are why I believe Ai did not respond, and when she did, she did it so the conversation can hurry up and end. Janet did try to start the conversation off friendly, and made small talk, but Ai did not return the conversation, and it was a bit awkward and uncomfortable from there. During their exchange though, A value that I noticed of Janet was power. She was very demanding, and she wanted to control how, what, and when Ai would communicate with her team, who does not even report directly to Ai. Janet values power, while Ai values conformity. She was restricted, quiet, and kept to herself so she wouldn't offend Janet or escalate the situation. If both ladies
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