THE DREAMWALKER Quentin Smith 5.17.2022 "I saw a young man the other day. He seemed both awake and asleep at the same time. A bit drowsy, but determined. Even though I lacked to see anyone or anything going after him, he would not stop. I have witnessed true fear many times at this place. But this man provides a whole new spectra of fear. What would make a man too afraid to even stop to take a breath? He seems determined to reach the gates. I too had that urge once. But I failed too many times to reach them, too many mistakes and deaths. But this young man is different. Maybe he will actually escape. For real. But he looks tired, so intensely tired." - Unknown, presumably Benedict Baker CHAPTER I: GENERAL INFORMATION " We were wrong. He's not after us because we lied. He's after us because we told the truth. " Name: Quentin Isaiah Smith Division: Survivor Age: Approximately 18-19 Orientation: Bisexual Gender: Ohio nonbinary- y'know, when you're a teenager in the Midwest and you don't know a ton about gender, but you vibe with they/them pronouns sometimes. Pronouns: He/him, they/them Height: 5'7'' Weight: 133 lbs. Appearance: Quentin Smith is a young white male with pale skin, brown hair, and blue-brown heterochromic eyes. His face still has a youthful roundness. Dark, bruise-like circles seem presently etched beneath his eyes. The bridge of his nose has a slight bump where it was broken and not set properly. Quentin sports the classic 'Midwestern teenager who listens to Joy Division' style, typically wearing dark jeans, a t-shirt, a jacket, and a beanie. He also wears a necklace with a Catholic cross and a medallion on the chain.
Kyle Gallner as Quentin Smith (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 remake) CHAPTER II: LOADOUT THE DREAMWALKER Difficulty: Intermediate Perks: Wake Up! Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability. Once all Generators are completed, Wake Up! activates. The auras of the Exit Gate switches are revealed to you within 128 meters. When opening an Exit Gate, your Aura is revealed to all other Survivors within 128 meters. You open exit gates 15/20/25% faster. "Okay, look- if we survive the next twenty-four hours, I'll take you out on a real date." Pharmacy You have a knack for finding medicine. Unlocking Chests is 40/60/80% faster. Unlocking your first Chest guarantees an Emergency medkit. Pharmacy reduces the audible range of your Chest-unlocking noises by 8 meters. "Adrenaline. It's going to keep us awake. I stole it from one of the nurse's carts." Vigil You look over your friends even in dire situations. Increases your Recovery rate from the Blindness, Broken, Exhaustion, Exposed, Hemorrhage, Hindered, and Oblivious status effects by 20/25/30%. This effect applies to all other Survivors within 8 meters of your location and lingers for 15 seconds. "I'm gonna be here when you wake up. You're gonna make it."
Loadout: With Pharmacy at his disposal, Quentin opts to bring medium-quality toolboxes over medkits. He tends to horde his rare items, predicting that there will always be a worse trial ahead for them to be used in. Preferred Item: Toolbox Preferred Offering: Primrose blossoms- whether fresh or dried and bundled in muslin, Quentin looks to make the most of his altruism. Playstyle: Quentin is quiet, efficient, and always looking for a way to help teammates. He has experience with fighting back against supernatural killers, and trials rarely faze him at this point. Quentin will never hesitate to dive into the fray and take a protection hit or run interference for a teammate. You can always count on him to have a roll of bandages on-hand, or to guide you towards escape when the trial is nearing an end. Strengths: Quentin is proficient in healing. He has a decent knowledge of general medicine and knows how to suture wounds, use butterfly tape efficiently, apply tourniquets, and so forth. He's no surgeon, but he's the next best thing in the Entity's realm. Moreover, he's hard to spook most of the time. Quentin doesn't balk at the sight of blood or bodies, and he's not afraid to look death in the eye and tell it to eat shit. Weaknesses: Quentin is altruistic to a fault, and sometimes to the point of outright foolishness. He'll die time and time again trying to save others, even if he isn't able to- therefore giving the Killer a free sacrifice. His approach to trials also clashes with Survivors who employ a high risk, high reward style. If you bring No Mither, good fuckin' luck getting Quentin and his medkit off your back. Additionally, Quentin's unshakable facade has some exploitable cracks. Killers who manipulate one's sense of reality are likely to get the better of Quentin. The Nightmare and The Doctor are both quite proficient in this- The Nightmare especially, for very clear reasons. Quentin Smith DBD Wiki entry CHAPTER III: PSYCH. EVALUATION DETERMINED. RESTLESS. HOPEFUL. ART BY VAMPIRIISM Likes Music. That's one of the things Quentin misses most from his prior life. Quentin enjoys most forms of rock and punk, and he is especially fond of progressive rock. Joy Division, The Smiths, and The Cure are some of his favorite bands.
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