Discussion 6

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Oct 16, 2023
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Looking into module six I learned a lot and knew a lot about shock advertising. The ASPCA is mentioned regarding their new logo. The animal cruelty prevention team was faced with a challenge. I understand that professionals in the industry can struggle with ideas. In a sense, yes challenges are faced but I concluded that they are used to these obstacles. I learned that a literal representation of animal cruelty might make visitors look the other way. Knowing that graphic details aren't an easy pill to swallow, the company has to rely on a strong message without specific images shown. The imagination should be able to fill in some of the blanks. Looking at the LinkedIn video, I learned a couple of things. There are seven different kinds of crops, three that need special tools or actions, and four basic ones. I learned the first is the Hard crop, this is one of the most common and the one we will use the most. I knew that it was just a matter of deciding where a frame ends and when to crop it. I find it confusing that an alternative would continue to cover the theme and divide the disk in two. Our eyes and minds see differently, I already knew that. For instance, self-driving cars look at the road ahead and can see a shape. The camera essentially does not know if it is seeing an object or a figure on the road. I understand that with this it can be tough, so programming has become difficult because of it. Again, people are unique so when looking at a picture what would be the first thing you would look at? I understand that we are hardwired to point out a face or direct our attention to a person's face. I didn't know we do this because we can recognize a human face quicker than any other thing presented.
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