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PSC 101
Oct 21, 2023
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Why should a poll be scientific rather than informal? Scientific polls have reduced margins of error, implying that they better anticipate what the public or population believes. They can be conducted in person, over the phone or face-to face, for example. With the help of these types of polls decisions can be made more efficiently and opinions of various people can be compared with each other. Also, the way these opinions change over time can be monitored and reveal how these changes came about. Furthermore, in an election, scientific polls give the public precise answers on who is leading and who is falling behind. It is nothing new that lying is a frequent occurrence in political discourse. Political communication is primarily strategic communication. Therefore, scientific surveys hold representatives, writers, and reporters accountable. In contrast, informal polls are difficult to keep an eye on and tend to be false. They are misleading as the number of people questioned could vary greatly and questions asked in these polls could be confusing or deceiving, causing wrong answers. Furthermore, informal poll results can be biased. An interviewer conducting an informal poll can have a negative effect on the contender. Some people do not like to talk to strangers or worry about their image resulting in giving socially desirable responses rather than their true opinions. Lastly, push polls, which are a marketing technique, are presented in a way that the contender gets presented with negative facts about one party for example which then convinces the individual to pick the other side. Susanne References Krutz, G. (2019). American Government 2e. Newport, F. (2012, October 14). Scientific Polls Are Dependable and Useful - NYTimes.com. Nytimes. https://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2012/10/14/imagine-a-campaign-with-no- polls/scientific-polls-are-dependable-and-useful#:~:text=If%20people%20want%20to%20know%20who %20is%20ahead,campaign.%20They%20keep%20politicians%2C%20journalists%20and %20commentators%20honestLinks to an external site. . Pros and Cons of Public Opinion Polls-Jason Robert Jaffe; Author: TED-Ed; Source: Pros and cons of public opinion polls - Jason Robert Jaffe; License: Standard YouTube LicenseLinks to an external site.
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