DC Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis Cheat Sheet Directions: Answer the questions in this document in as many details as you can to help you frame your project for an appropriate audience. Your responses here are likely to be a mix of paragraphs, sentences, fragments, and bullet points. While you are ultimately the audience for this process spec activity, I may follow up with questions if I have trouble understanding what you've written or if a response feels incomplete. Who is your audience? Why did you select this audience for your project? What do they already know about you? What do they already know about discourse communities? What do they already know about the content or ideas you're writing about? What do you probably need to explain to your audience in order for them to understand your purpose? How do you hope your audience will describe you after reading? What are some rhetorical moves you could make to help ensure they describe you in this way? Consider: words or phrases you could use, sources you could cite, examples you could provide, etc. What do you hope your audience will do after reading your project?
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