Summary of Objectives Discussion Post

After reviewing the course syllabus on the weekly objectives, the topics I find I have previous knowledge on is topic 1 distinguishing between assessment and diagnosis, topic 2 active listening responses and effective communication on information in the counseling process, and topic 8 identifying the DSM on the criteria for Substance-related and Addictive Disorder. When I was in the school counseling program through GCU, my CNL-500 class we had to learn the different types of therapy and have a volunteer to use for a counseling session assignment and record the sessions of every student interviewing our volunteers. I had to use open-ended questions to keep the client engaged and focused while using active listening, empathy, and effective communication skills so the volunteer client will not feel overwhelmed or shut off from the interview. The objectives for topics 1 and 8 I received experience from my undergraduate program for the addictions counseling undergraduate program and my time as a sponsor with Three Doors Grace Rehabilitation and Drug Center where I was able to study the different stages of addictions and learning how each disorder is assessed to determine the appropriate treatments. I was an AA sponsor in the program helping other addicts stay faithful to the program and succeed to passing the program. The other objectives in the program I am vaguely familiar with but I have learned the different types of diagnosis and treatments when I was in the undergraduate program. I remember writing a research paper on Schizophrenia and Dissociate Identity Disorder and knew I wanted to become a licensed professional counselor because I was always fascinated with the different types of disorders. I have no prior knowledge with topic 6 objectives of understanding the pathological disorders and process seems interesting and cannot wait to learn more about those objectives. I do not have a particular subject I would like to discuss because they all seem interesting and would like to learn from my instructor and classmates as the weeks progress in this course.
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