Lweis Hamilton

Is Driving for Everyone? How do we view race and inclusivity in sports? Driving is for everyone. Whatever their ethnicity, colour, culture, or disability, they would and should drive. Formula Racing is one of my favourite sports to watch. As there are many racial misconceptions associated with sports. Viewing the Lewis Hamilton video content, I believe there is no place for prejudice, racism, or bullying in sports. One thing I'd want to point out is how other teams came together around Lewis Hamilton and denounced such behaviour towards any F1 driver. Race and inclusivity in sports are been seen as significantly evolving. People, regardless of their background, have equal opportunity, progress, and status. In June 2020, F1 launched the "We Race as One" initiative to encourage race and increase diversity and inclusion. Lewis Hamilton has always been a public figure, supporting events such as the Black Lives Matter peaceful protest in Hyde Park and establishing his own Motorsport diversity commission with the goal of improving diversity in the sports industry, stating, "The time for platitudes and token gestures is over." Tokenism in sports ended in the 1970s, yet stereotypes can still be found in today's culture. Lewis Hamilton became the first black F1 driver to win the World Championship in 2008. Lewis Hamilton is a fantastic role model for inclusion in sports. He advocates for young black engineers, racers, and other motorsport employees, assisting them in obtaining the opportunities that they deserve. When people see people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds in positions of authority, such as Lewis Hamilton, it sends a powerful message of inclusion and motivates others to engage. References Galloway, J. (n.d.-a). Lewis Hamilton Launches Motorsport Diversity Commission . Sky Sports. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/12011510/lewis-hamilton-launches-motorspor t-diversity-commission The uneasy history of integrated sports in America - JSTOR DAILY. (n.d.). https://daily.jstor.org/the-uneasy-history-of-integrated-sports-in-america/ Sky Sports. (n.d.). Black lives matter: Lewis Hamilton attends peaceful protest at Hyde Park . Sky Sports. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/12012231/black-lives-matter-lewis-hamilton-a ttends-peaceful-protest-at-hyde-park
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