Short Paper

Analysis The impression I got from the speech given by the coach was heartfelt and inspiring. He is trying to inspire his players to be the best that they can be for more than just themselves. The way the coach was inspiring the team members starts before the speech. It starts when he wakes them up at 3 AM to do a run that ends at the graveyard. Persuasive Elements . There were persuasive elements to the speech given by the coach. The coach has the players run through the woods to what they find out is the graveyard. He needed his players to be exhausted when he gave his speech. He is talking about Gettysburg during his speech and having the players exhausted gives them a sense of what the guys felt during the battle. He also gives his speech a personal and emotional touch by talking about his family. This gives a connection from the coach to the players. Real-World Relevancy There needs to be a connection between the speaker and the audience or in this case the coach to the players. For my project, I need to make a connection with my audience. I also need to add emotion to something that will already have an individualized touch to it. Inspiring, heartfelt, and truthful is what all speakers should strive to include in their speeches. There is always a reason for a speech to be given and it should come from the heart and mean something to every individual.
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