Outline Assignment Fall 2020

Outline Assignment This assignment will hopefully help you all understand the importance of having a solid speaking outline, having source citations, having transitions, not reading speeches/having outlines, and delivering a speech conversationally. I am asking that you each write a one-main-point speech, in which you preview your point and support it with 3 pieces of information. For this assignment, your speech will need a full introduction and a conclusion. You can choose your own topic and your own purpose (whether to inform the audience or persuade the audience). However, you must narrow the topic to only one main point and support that one main point with 3 supporting points. Do not have 3 separate main points. You must have at least ONE REAL SOURCE to practice source citations; and may have more if you'd like. The other two pieces of supporting material can be common knowledge. The source(s) can come from anything (magazine, newspaper, journal, web, etc...). These ARE NOT fictitious sources. Again, citations must include the correct criteria and information. You will need SIGNPOSTS/TRANSITION/CONNECTIVES between each piece of supporting material/citation. Additionally, you will need them between the 3 parts of your speech. Outlines must be formatted using the next page for guidelines. All outlines MUST BE typed.
Outline guidelines Your name: Topic: Specific Purpose: (one sentence) Central Idea: (one sentence, based off the purpose statement) Introduction I. Attention-gaining device —complete sentence II. Specific Purpose —Today I am going to.... III. Credibility/relatability —I am able to tell you about this because..... and "this is important for you to hear because...." IV. Central idea— (Connective) Body I. Main point (overview/preview) A. Supporting point a. Citation b. Explanation (signpost/connective) B. Supporting point a. Citation b. Explanation (signpost/connective) C. Supporting point a. Citation b. Explanation (signpost/connective) Conclusion I. Internal summary (restating central idea) II. Final statement
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