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People interested in a group study/discussion of topics and when they are/are not available? How are you guys studying for this??? What even is it? I genuinely don't know but I ***think*** she's going to ask us to discuss questions similar to what we had to answer to the first part, so it might be helpful to be able to reference stuff from the lectures? I could be entirely wrong so someone please lmk if i am I too am very confused about what this exam is, do we each have to talk for a certain length of time or anything like that? Lecturas (things to be able to reference during whatever this exam is) "Picar a la española" (pg 12) - the verb picar, napkins on the ground, general cultural stuff "Bares a millares" (audio) -cultural significance of bars are different from western culture "El mexicano y las fiestas" (pg 22) -unify people of different classes/backgrounds and enhance national pride "Las parrandas puertorriqueñas" (audio) - caroling, unifies people "Una fiesta de impacto y infarto" (pg 30) -las corridas de los toros "El Museo de Oro de Bogotá" (pg 38) "Las plazas mayores: ayer y hoy" (pg 44) "Técnicas de mercado" (pg 51) "Paseantes" (audio) - pasear, culture "El eclipse" (pg 62) - Indigenous group tricks/outsmarts colonizers "Gitanos" (pg 68) - Combating racism and stereotypes with irony and sarcasm "El machismo" (audio) - Toxic masculinity - "Eva" (sakai) - Adam and eve, article defending eve? "Palabreo" (pg 85)
- date between man and woman, man was displaying negative traits/attitudes towards woman "El hipnotizador personal" (sakai) - Woman who only wanted to experience the exciting parts of life and have someone to hypnotize her during the boring parts "La brecha" (pg 100) - Pregnant woman defying stereotypes, didn't want to have the baby "Juego perfecto" (audio) - baseball "Un niño de la mano de su padre" (pg 110) -family dynamics "Adultescentes" (audio) "Fiera patria" (sakai) -nationalism is also defined by daily activities and aspects of life "Trés heroes" (pg 128) "La malinche" (pg 136) - -princess who had relationship w hernan cortes, was the first to begin una "mezcla de las razas" "Preso sin nombre, celda sin número" (pg 146) - Inhumane treatment of prisoners, they have no sense of identity - Faulty justice system "Pájaros prohibidos" (audio) "La ley de la memoria histórica" (pg 156) - Collective memory; the whole community is responsible for remembering their history and culture "Con un ramillete entre los dientes" (pg 164) - "La villa" (pg 170) -los barios (form of separation of people) (perception of the word) "La generación Y" (pg 176) "Los comedores de la solidaridad" (audio) -giving woman purpose to do social good, sustainable way "La santería: un religión sincrética" (pg 191) - Diffusion of African religions into hispanic culture (santeria in cuba, candomble in brazil, vudu in haiti) "Mujer negra" (pg 200)
-African influences on hispanic culture; changed narrative on slave women especially. Contribution to society through literature "El barrio" (pg 206) - Immigration to the New York from Puerto Rico - The neighborhoods in which they live in are poor and violent "Las mujeres que permanecen" (audio) "Geografias" (audio) -how the man connected back to his home (uruguay) by staying knowledgeable about his country's geography/special sites "Usted estuvo en San Diego" (pg 218) - New narrative on immigrants in san diego; combating stereotypes - Provides insight and new perspective on the life of undocumented immigrants "La historia de mi cuerpo" (pg 236) - accepting self body image, compared beauty standards in puerto rico vs america Cortometrajes "MinerÍa contaminante a cielo abierto en Colombia" - About mining in Colombia and how dangerous it was - Mining is a big part of Colombia "Peru, Nebraska" - people of peru came to share culture , changes perception - People in Peru, Nebraska seemed to enjoy the culture and was open to learning. "Un juego absurdo" (listed as cortometraje but actually just audio?) - Man playing game to remember names of towns and his past - i feel like there were more than just these but I can't find them I think you were thinking about "Juego Perfecto" ^ - A boy learning about how to get a girl that he liked - There was a "love formula" where boys should try to play hard to get so the girl could fall in love with them. -
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