1.) From reading the situation it seems to be a lack of meaningful communication across the stakeholders of the project leading to issues. This can be seen by how problems and concerns from different groups of people are being responded to and handled. Secondly, there is the issue of handling things in a timely manner. This can also stem from the poor communication but also from being able to modify the software to meet the regulation of Georgia in a timely manner. Thirdly, there is a lack of coordination and responsibility; as people complained that it was unclear who was responsible for what and in turn would cause aspects of the project to not be taken care of or not be handled properly. 2.)/3.) To get this back on track I would call a meeting immediately to sort out the lack of effective communication across the project as even if the other problems were solved this overarching problem would hinder the project. Secondly, I would make an assignment matrix and more clear WBS for the contractors and stakeholders to be able to see who is responsible for what and what each package of work is made up of. Thirdly, I would stress the importance of completing tasks on time and within the desired schedule since currently we are already behind and do not want to fall further behind. Fourthly, I would have more frequent meetings like the aforementioned one where we can be kept up to date on communication, the work that needs to be done, who needs to do that work, and to see if any new issues arise as the project is developed. And lastly, I might consider trying to get more funding and/or bring in more workers to help regain some lost time that occurred during this communication disaster. Or could bring in people to help oversee the communication between parties so this issue does not arise again.
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