Effective Teamwork Personal Reflection and Experience

CS136: Effective Teamwork Personal Experience Reflection - 30% NAME: Kaylynne Venn DUE DATE: 1) Describe a previous experience where you were part of a team that did not work cohesively - What were the repercussions of the lack of cooperation? Be sure to detail specifically what contributed to the lack of teamwork (5) In this recent group project, I was given a team of three people to work with. During the whole project, I found that we struggled to communicate as a whole group. I sent them emails with what's going on, ideas, and requests to work together. But I never heard back from two members, which slowed down our progress and made it harder for us to work together as a team. Because of this there was confusion, and the team as a whole felt disorganized. It became hard to assign jobs well, share important information, and make sure everyone was working toward the same goal. 2) How has your understanding of teamwork evolved as you have become more experienced in working with people? Has there been a defining moment that made you change your outlook? (5) My view of teamwork has changed over time from my volunteer work and this recent group project. At first, I thought teamwork was just working together to reach a goal. But overtime, especially in this group project I've learned what teamwork is really all about: bringing together different skills and points of view to make outstanding things possible. I slowly realized how important it is for a team to communicate well, trust each other, and have the same goals.
3) Which elements of this course has further contributed to your understanding of what teamwork is? Why has this theory, or practice helped your professional development? (5) Participating in this course has helped me learn more about teamwork and its key parts, such as effective communication, trust, and respect. By engaging in conversations I've learned how important it is to listen, give feedback, and keep communication open for good teamwork. This course has also stressed how important it is to create a helpful team setting, which has helped me improve communication skills. Applying the theory and practice I learned in this study has helped me work better in different team groups and improve my professional growth. 4) Why is teamwork such an integral component of Community Service? Can you describe a time when you worked as team in serving your community (5)? Teamwork is an important part of community service because it uses the strengths and skills of different people to reach a shared goal. Working as a team lets people share resources, skills, and information, which makes providing services more effective and quick. As a part of Kids Help Phone, I've experienced how teamwork can help people in our community. Working together, we are able to help people in crisis right away, making sure that no one is alone. As a crisis responder myself, and also a supervisor by my side, we bring our own skills and areas of knowledge, which help us deal with a wide range of mental health crises. Through good communication, planning, and support, kids help phones make a big difference in the lives of those who need us. This experience shows how important teamwork is in community service, showing how it can make a bigger difference and help everyone reach their goals. 5) Describe an experience while in attendance at Herzing where you needed to use teamwork - Be sure to showcase HOW you demonstrated the elements to promote unity (5) Since this is only my third course at Herzing, I don't have much experience working as a team there, however I'll use this group assignment as an example: My group member and I chose to get to know each other better. We talked about our own hobbies and interests. This gave us a chance to learn more about each other's points of view, skills, strengths and weaknesses. As a result, our teamwork and unity have improved, creating a solid basis for the successful completion of the assignment. 6) What would a world with teamwork look like? What would a world without teamwork feel like? Use details to help illustrate your point of view. (5) Teamwork would make the world a place where people work together, help each other, and reach their goals as a group. It would boost confidence, teamwork, and new ideas. However, a world without teamwork would be broken up, full of selfish people, and not make any progress. Without teamwork, there would be more disagreements and people would spend more time alone, which would slow down growth and personal development. /30
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