Task5workingstyleself-assessment Leadership wk 2

Working Style Self-Assessment Instructions: 1. Write your name at the top of the right column in the table below. 2. Mark 10 words or phrases that best describe you. Make sure that you have 10 total checkmarks on the page. Do not place more than two checkmarks on any one phrase. Do not have more than five checkmarks for any one energy group. Include at least one mark in at least three energy groups. 3. Add up the number of marks in each energy group. Place the total in the gray box for the energy group. You should have 10 marks total for your column. Your Name: Discovers new solutions; explores new ideas I Your explore total score: 1 Sees the forest Nonconformist; antiauthoritarian Takes people at face value; has faith in others Likes to do more than one thing at a time Dreamer; utopian Works to establish harmony and balance, and to avoid conflict Aware of/acts on/feels other people's emotions; needs to please other people Always sees the bright side; sees the glass as half full I Your excite total score:1 Charismatic; a "people person" Lives moment to moment Can motivate people to follow him or her Life of the party; likes to create good times and laughter Likes to chat Loves having company; hates to be alone Likeable and adds energy to a group Needs facts to be clear and correct Your examine total score: 3 Goes by the rules; not comfortable taking risks Develops and has a plan and a backup plan I Codifies and systematizes; neat Is well reasoned; data driven; thinks linearly Explore Energy Group Excite Energy Group
Is traditional and orthodox Less persuaded by emotional arguments I Easily sees what's wrong in anything I Knows what she/he wants and gets it! I Your execute total score: 5 Almost never gives up; keeps trying; persistent I Believes winning is important Strong and self-assured I Prefers to get things done Makes decisions and is action oriented I Believes she/he can do anything I Restless to complete a project Examine Energy Group Execute Energy Group
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