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HIST 100
Oct 21, 2023
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Thinking about smartphones and how creative expression is impacted by them isn't hard. I would say most people on Earth have a smartphone and use it everyday in their daily life. Everything that we need is on our phones. Contacts, phone numbers, email, social media, etc. The creative expression side of things has been impacted by our smartphones. This is because we have apps such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and more. There are many ways that we can express our creativity on our phones using these apps. One question about the relationship between culture and expression that you could ask is this, "How can art be recognized as a reflection of an individual's cultural background and how do they wish to express this background?" Another question that could be asked is, "How do cultural differences in non-verbal communication impact the way individuals interact and convey meaning?" Answering the first question about art and how it can be recognized of a cultural background and how that relates to smartphones is let's say you were recording a TikTok or YouTube video wanting to talk about your culture. If you had a culture that wore something specific for a special event, then you could explain how that specific clothing is meaningful and why you wear it. You could answer the second question by going on to Instagram and posting photos about your outfit and possibly the makeup that would be worn alongside the clothing. Makeup can mean a lot of things without having to explain the reasoning behind it. One question about my values and how they are shaped by others is, "Do we determine our own values or are they determined by society?" Another question that can be asked is, "Does the expression of others negatively and positively shape my values?"
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