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Business Com - survey in class assignment 1 1. This survey is a leading question. The error in the survey question is "More people have attended the movie". This will make the person doing the survey have more of an answer saying yes because more people have watched the movie. The question also gives to much detail, "than any other motion picture produced this century". the more detail will bias the persons answer. Question Rephrase: Have you seen the movie Gone with the wind? 2. This survey is a doubled barreled question. The issue with the question is that two questions are asked in one. It asks for the speed and accuracy of your work, which is two different things. The person doing the survey may have a different answer for speed and accuracy. Question Rephrase: How would you rate the speed of your work Or How would you rate the accuracy of your work? 3. The issue with this survey question is, it is assumed you heard about the bombing. There also is not an option that says that "I did not hear about it" The beginning of the question also jumps into saying "did you first hear?", instead of where did you hear. The question also is not specific on what bombing, if it was recent or a long time ago. Rephrase Question: The bombing that happened in ... where did you hear about it? 4. The issue with the survey question is that it is leading and biased. The question states "We", meaning that they are pushing a biased stance on the question. Rephrase Question: Should Military spending be reduced? 5. The issue with this question is that it includes the word all. The other issue is that it assumes it is one of those 3 selections when there may be other family structures that may be more diverse or different than the general society. Rephrase question: What kind of family did you grow up in? 6. This survey question is an absolute question. It includes the word all. Another issue is it only provides a limited set of options, assuming 1 out of those 4 is where we get our information from. Rephrase question: Where do you get most of your news about whats happening in the country and world
7. The issue with the question is that strongly agree is placed twice as an option. It should give you more of a balanced range of options to choose from. Rephrased question: Do you believe increasing housing density is an acceptable way to make housing more affordable?
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