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Oct 19, 2023
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Copyright © 2023 A24x7 TONY ROBBINS WWW.TONYROBBINS.COM 1 DISC & MOTIVATORS REPORT FOR Shaylanice Mallett 9/6/2023
Copyright © 2023 A24x7 TONY ROBBINS WWW.TONYROBBINS.COM 2 This report contains a summary of your DISC and Motivators results. If you are looking for deeper insights into your results, see the last page of this report. UNDERSTANDING DISC & MOTIVATORS DISC STYLES DISC is a simple, practical, easy to remember and universally applicable model. It focuses on individual patterns of external, observable behaviors and measures the intensity of characteristics using scales of directness and openness for each of the four styles: Dominance , Influence , Steadiness , and Conscientious . Your DISC Style: Finisher Finishers demonstrate a high interest in quality control behind the work being done. Finishers show an amazing ability to focus on results, and maintain their own accountability on processes. Because Finishers have a high opinion of the quality of their own work, they can either do a task themselves or politely take back a delegated task so that it's done correctly. Finishers operate at a high efficiency and appreciate acknowledgement and rewards for their efforts. Personal direction: Sets goals, works the plans, and gets things done Strengths offered: Sets clear goals, plans the work and works the plan, and reaches the intended target General characteristics: Able to lead by demonstrating, not simply delegating Contributions to others: Pulls their own weight, and rolls up sleeves to make progress Getting along with others: Focuses on results and how to achieve them; neutral in picking sides When stressed: May delegate less and become more self-contained Keep in mind: May not verbalize all concerns or seek guidance Additional notes: A goal-setter with high follow-through; great ability to lead by demonstrating; may not voice all concerns
Copyright © 2023 A24x7 TONY ROBBINS WWW.TONYROBBINS.COM 3 An Overview of Your DISC Style Below are some key behavioral insights to keep in mind and share with others to strengthen your relationships . You tend to remain unruffled in conflict situations. This means, Shaylanice, that you have the ability to maintain a higher level of patience than others on the team, and to direct the team back to the task at hand by performing, rather than dictating. In addition, you have the potential to reassure and calm agitated team members, allowing them to consider alternative viewpoints. Shaylanice, you score like those who find satisfaction in hard work and individual action, rather than motivating others to achieve. At the end of the day, you may measure achievement by what has been done, rather than the number of people on board. Due to your high degree of patience, you may neglect to discipline or correct others along the way, perhaps choosing instead to complain in private, after the fact. You lead others by showing accountability for your own work, and expecting others on the team to do the same. This will generally be welcomed by team members, as they will realize that you are not asking more of them than of yourself. You score like those who have a desire to blend personal and group goals for optimal success. You are most motivated by projects which fit your skill set and, conversely, may suffer from a lack of motivation when the fit is not ideal. You are generally direct, positive, and straightforward in your communication with others. Being able to "tell it like it is" can be a great asset, especially when coupled with a calm, objective presentation style. Others on the team may look up to you due to your diligence and sense of authority. Shaylanice, you tend to judge others by their ability to achieve the bottom-line, concrete results that you expect from yourself. You also score like those who have the ability to detach emotionally from important decisions, and reach a judgment based on objective analysis of the facts.
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