High context vs low context

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Oct 17, 2023
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Knowing low context and high context is very important in business communication. The video is edited to be funny even if the behavior is disrespectful to the other party, but if something like that actually happened, the transaction would be interrupted and the image of not only the individual but the company as a whole would be that of a company that does not know the rules of other countries. Knowing cultural differences is very important and at the same time very difficult. Although only one example is given here, Saudi Arabia, many Asian countries use high context, and my home country, Japan, is also a high context culture. Furthermore, Japan is a predominantly Buddhist country, which is a different religion from Saudi Arabia, so it is necessary to learn about the culture of a different religion. However, just having an understanding of different cultures will give the other person a pleasant feeling that they know about your country and will make a very strong impression. So, I think intercultural communication is something to keep in mind for business and in everyday life. Low context is a concept related to culture and communication that is very important in international communication. This concept refers to a style of communication in which information and messages rely primarily on the superficial meaning of words and not on contextual or nonverbal elements. In high-context cultures, information relies not only on words, but also on context, nonverbal signs, social relationships, and cultural background, and deep contextual understanding is required to understand the message. Understanding low-context and high-context cultures is important for effective communication between different cultures, and recognizing these differences can help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts and facilitate smooth dialogue.
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Uploaded by CoachFoxPerson385 on coursehero.com