6-2 Journal Self Analysis Behavioral Competency The Interpersonal Domain

6-2 Journal: Self-Analysis: Behavioral Competency: The Interpersonal Domain Tenisha Harris OL-600 Southern New Hampshire University May 29, 2023 Relationship Management refers to an individual's ability to connect with people. These interpersonal skills necessitate the ability, knowledge, techniques, and other characteristics required to sustain professional relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. This talent aids in the efficient management of workplace conflicts and improves commercial connections with others. Communication encompasses the aptitude, skills, and knowledge necessary to successfully listen to and respond to others. This letter should be straightforward, succinct, respectful, and convey accurate company information. Effective listening skills in communication can assist to listen to and answer the problems of others. Communication has three sub-competencies: conveying information, exchanging information, and listening. Global and cultural effectiveness. In today's digital age, globalization has resulted in collaboration with international partners. Understanding others' cultural preferences and developing diversity and inclusion in the workplace necessitates a high degree of contact. Communication is one of the interpersonal domain's areas of strength. I have excellent listening and communication abilities. I comprehend how others view things and pay attention to their worries and difficulties. I make every effort to answer all their problems as quickly as feasible. Through my professional experiences, I decided that listening is a cluster as a strength. In addition to my usual job as a journal manager, I was offered the position of Team Lead for the awards committee. I listened to the employees' problems and handled them successfully thoroughly.
6-2 Journal: Self-Analysis: Behavioral Competency: The Interpersonal Domain Weaknesses - The relationship management domain in interpersonal relationships is one of the areas of weakness. I realized I lacked Emotional Intelligence because I responded to comments so quickly. As a result, team members developed a dislike for me. As a result, they were unapproachable. I discovered that in order to reach my professional goal of becoming a team manager, I must apply some emotional intelligence at work. The techniques for developing behavioral abilities within the interpersonal domain are to improve emotional intelligence and to exercise patience in stressful situations. This would also allow me to improve my abilities in connection building, networking, and teamwork. This would eventually assist me to bargain more successfully if necessary. In my company, I used EI to acquire the trust of my coworkers.
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