Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe THIS DOCUMENT WAS GENERATED FOR FREE GET YOUR FREE DOCUMENTS HERE: Q1: What is the defining characteristic of someone who is described as hirsute?? a. Funny b. Rude c. Tall d. !Hairy Q2: What is the name of the very first video uploaded to YouTube?? a. carrie rides a truck b. Her new puppy from great grandpa vern. c. tribute d. !Me at the zoo Q3: What alcoholic drink is mainly made from juniper berries?? a. Vodka b. !Gin c. Tequila d. Rum Q4: Which Italian automobile manufacturer gained majority control of U.S. automobile manufacturer Chrysle a. Ferrari b. Maserati c. !Fiat d. Alfa Romeo Q5: Which of these is the name of a Japanese system of alternative medicine, literally meaning "finger a. !Shiatsu b. Ukiyo c. Ikigai d. Majime Q6: What is the romanized Japanese word for "university"?? a. Shokudou b. Jimusho c. Toshokan d. !Daigaku Q7: What is a dead mall??
a. !A mall with high vacancy rates or low consumer foot traffic b. A mall with no stores c. A mall after business hours d. A mall that has been condemed Q8: Which of the following carbonated soft drinks were introduced first?? a. Sprite b. !Dr. Pepper c. Coca-Cola d. Mountain Dew Q9: What was the original name of the search engine "Google"?? a. !BackRub b. SearchPro c. CatMassage d. Netscape Navigator Q10: Directly between the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool is a memorial to which war?? a. !World War II b. American Revolutionary War c. American Civil War d. Vietnam War
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