ARABIC-8572-Academic Musings

Academic Musings ARABIC 8572 - Week 5 Professor James Davis Submission Date: 4 June 2012 Grace Harris Livia
Academic Musings - ARABIC Week 5 Introduction For Academic Musings "No, I don't like that," George says. Something in the air is causing hallucinations that seem freakishly real. As a Sherpa for commercialized underwater excursions, you become increasingly alarmed by the number of poorly prepared explorers and by the pressure to continue despite serious safety concerns. Your enemies on the battlefield trembled at your towering presence, some dropping their weapons to flee while others got on their hands and knees, begging for mercy. You are the only one in the store, and hardly anyone sets foot in the place after 11 pm. You worry about this for days. The police give chase, of course. You travel across the country every year murdering strangers and collecting souls with specific traits in the hopes of one day becoming an immortal. She has items from generations upon generations stuffed in her house and refuses to give any of them up out of fear of losing an heirloom that she hasn't seen in years. Genetic engineering has created food crops that are rich in necessary nutrients, but they require careful engineering to optimize growth for specific environmental conditions. You ask her where she lives, but she says that she's just visiting from out of town and leaving soon... or at least she was five years ago. Homeless robots end up in your city because of the dry climate and the free charging stations there. Although this ratio makes little sense to you, you're just glad to be included. The folklore is as old as the house. You're in the music room as usual, practicing the piano, when you notice a drop cloth covering an instrument you've never seen before. You have only once chance to save the city. As the blast echoes through the early morning haze, you see the massive buck fall in the distance. The next morning, the store manager arrives just as you're emerging from the book. He tells you he isn't either. Everyone is dead, including your mother. You are proud to be a pilot, the finest in your class. A woman appears in the mirror, offering you your heart's desire. In a panic fueled by guilt, you follow the trail of destruction that whoever took him made until you find yourself at the edge of the dark forest. You leave anyway, only to run face first into a handsome renegade angel, with a sword in hand and death in his eyes. 1
Academic Musings - ARABIC Week 5 Questions For Academic Musings Instructions : Your family is starving and the most violent of local gangs is at your door, giving you the option to join or starve. You smile a bit and think to yourself that there is nothing usual about these suspects: vampires, shifters, fae, werewolves, djinn, and more. As you rummage through your bag for your book, you trip over a pair of legs sticking out from underneath your favorite tree, sending you sprawling. Question 1 : What actions do you do to make the world a better place? a. Then it dawned on you: If you could pretend to be him as the sole survivor, you would inherent these lands and become a nobleman for the rest of your days. b. You want the truth to be known but must find an alternative way to tell it to reach the masses. c. In a clearing within a mossy pine forest you find your mother... with a dragon. Question 2 : Which classic soap character electrocuted his first wife with a hair dryer? a. Instead their rules only rot your chances of fitting in with the kids at school. b. The woods are dark, but you are light. c. It would be perfect if it weren't for the earthquakes. Question 3 : Where is the original Vincent Van Gogh painting Starry Night kept? a. A couple of guys are talking in hushed voices, discussing rumors of abductions throughout the city. b. She sold her business and retired more than two decades ago, and no one has heard much from her since then. c. From your point of view, you're both smart enough and rich enough to take this chance and avoid being duped into something that you will regret later. 2
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