Parent Handbook Youth Development Phase - Season 2022/23
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3 Welcome Joining the Academy system is a wonderful opportunity for any young player. On behalf of everyone at the Premier League, we wish your child good luck as they begin their journey. You and your child should expect the quality of coaching, the standard of education and the all-round experience to be outstanding. We expect all Academy Players to show commitment to and respect for their fellow players of all ages, for their coaches and their Club, and for both the Rules and the spirit of the game. The Premier League operates the Academy system on behalf of its Clubs, and also works closely with; The English Football League (EFL), The Football Association (FA) and the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA). There are many things you will need to know as a parent or carer of an Academy player. This handbook is designed to provide you with an introduction to the Academy system and information on how it works. There are also seven videos that accompany the handbook. They help to explain the content of the individual subjects in the handbook. There is also a programme of workshops to support the content of the handbook, which are delivered at events and Academies throughout the season by the Premier League, in partnership with Clubs. Your child's opportunity Participating in the Academy system is an achievement to be proud of, however, it is important for your child to maintain a balance between the demands of life outside of football, including their education. Support your child to maintain interests beyond the football pitch and manage their expectations of achieving a career in professional football, because only a few Academy Players will go on to become professional footballers. According to a recent study, around 1% of players who enter the academy system at under 9s, play 20 or more games in the Premier League. So wherever the journey ends, we hope your child enjoys it.
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