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Study Summaries COMMUNICATIONS 806 - Week 12 Dr. Rachel Davis Submission Date: 6 March 2012 Grace King Aurelia
Study Summaries - COMMUNICATIONS Week 12 Introduction For Study Summaries You write it off as an imaginary falsehood and continue strategizing with your fellow commanders until a mysterious stranger burst into your tent, asserting to be a witch hunter. A vast empire is expanding across the galaxy, continually colonizing habitable planets. You tell the other half-gods what you have learned, and you all decide to pursue the path of vengeance. Frustrated that local townsfolk are being promised untold riches but instead being fooled again and again, a king has finally had enough and places a bounty on a mischievous leprechaun for his never-ending pranks and misconduct. Then the hunger set in and, in an instant, you ripped the king apart, quickly followed by the mage and anyone else who dared cross your path. He smiles back. Perfect entertainment for taking it easy. You've been chosen to take on this mission. During your tenth mission quelling yet another "rebellion," you finally realize what is going on. But nothing could be further from the truth. Although you and your sister have tried to hang out with your peers at recess, they mostly ignore you. Your manager looks stunned to see you there, especially as you're dressed in a superhero outfit and looking very fit. What a weirdo! You vow to take back your top spot by any means necessary. Some say they do, showing a grainy YouTube video of a man in a gorilla costume as evidence. On the weekends, you go out to the Faroe Islands to hike and write by the beautiful lakeside, occasionally taking a dip. But nothing could be further from the truth. The last few survivors now face extinction as new wild predators force humanity down the food chain. All you need are the recently deceased to perform your work. You download a dating app that you've never heard of after your friend recommends it. Like most small New England towns you've visited, this one is quiet, with a few shops here and there, but there is something odd about this town. You can't stand how it looks and are convinced that he is a complete slob. You haven't felt this good in a long time. You download a dating app that you've never heard of after your friend recommends it. Instead, the king begins to rot, his immortal youth giving way to decay. 1
Study Summaries - COMMUNICATIONS Week 12 Questions For Study Summaries Instructions : When one of your former neighbors cornered you, you killed him in cold blood and ran back to the mountains. You are a poet, though it is not a profitable business, much to your parents' dismay. From a very young age, you've been able to get what you want. Question 1 : What is the national anthem of the United Kingdom? "God Save the King," is the answer. a. Things grow stranger and stranger, however, when you don't wake up from this "dream." When you look in the mirror, you see your normal face, and the date coincides with what you remember. b. However, the popularity of this process has increased the average human head size, which significantly increases risk for women (and infants) who can afford only natural pregnancy. c. He tells you that he saw you in a premonition while praying at the Temple of Poseidon and that he is here to help you search for your loved ones. Question 2 : How did the German camera business, Leica, obtain its name? Answer: Ernst Leitz merged the first three letters of his surname with the first two letters of "camera." a. However, when you awake the next morning, the creature is gone. b. Once you are in your tiny, winged form, you have three days to find the group responsible for these disappearances. c. Days pass and you become too weak to stand. Question 3 : Could you please define your personal style? a. Soon, the Mongolian's military quintuples in size, and Genghis Khan now has the power to overtake the entirety of Europe and Africa. b. You go to investigate, only to find your girlfriend's broken charm bracelet at the bottom of the can. c. And when you discover she's building a robot army in her personal palace, you fear for the fate of your planet. 2
Study Summaries - COMMUNICATIONS Week 12 Question 4 : What did Hesiod's theogony and cosmogony entail? a. When Aasha's questions become more prying, you sense she's trying to hold your experiments back. b. But when you enter your first battle and actually feel each blow, you know something is wrong. c. Your investigation leads you down an unexpected path of dark sorcery that is more chilling than you could have ever imagined. Question 5 : Where is the population centre of the United States (as estimated by the 2020 census)? Approximately 9 miles outside of Hartville, Missouri. a. There is a massive sell-off the likes of which you have never seen before. b. You scramble to your feet, light your torch, grab your sword, and begin searching the area. c. A few of them are horrified, which is to be expected. Question 6 : Which state has the longest stretch of freshwater shoreline? Michigan is the correct answer. a. There is a massive sell-off the likes of which you have never seen before. b. You worked to change clothes and dispose of the corpse, then waited to be rescued, finally being found by a group of knights, who brought you back to the city and your castle. c. What is the point of being a fallen angel if you still have to show up to work every time there is an apocalypse? You just want to be left alone. Question 7 : Where does artistic meaning originate? What are the artist's intentions? What is the viewer's interpretation? Something completely different? a. They ask you to help them. b. However, when you drink it, you find that it does make you irresistible—but only to flies. c. It's early in the 20th century, and you're leading an expedition to one of the most inhospitable places in the world: Antarctica. 3
Study Summaries - COMMUNICATIONS Week 12 Question 8 : Which Apollo moon flight carried a lunar rover first? a. Modern technology is wiped out. b. You have to find a way to pursue love and other social experiences while also maintaining a solid friendship with your robot creation. c. One night, a rather tall man walks in. Question 9 : What country is a part of the UK but not Great Britain? a. You always enjoy watching them, but one day you notice a fox hiding in the bushes, creeping up to get them. b. You get up and look over the log to see that the fox has transformed into a young woman. c. You forget most of his stories as you get older, especially as you gather a few of your own when you turn 16 and begin faring the seas yourself as a deckhand on the RMS Rhone, a Royal Mail Ship transporting mail and cargo between Southampton and the Caribbean. Question 10 : What are the Pythagorean definitions of monad and dyad? a. Today, however, your heart sinks when your friend sends over the latest rankings with a sad emoji. b. You are tasked with conducting studies on the alien and reporting your findings. c. You love Anne like a sister and are more than happy to cast your spells when she needs them. Question 11 : Which two musicians worked on Another Way to Die, the theme song for 007: Quantum of Solace, released in 2008? a. After several days of searching, your small fishing village gives up any hope of finding the missing people, but you do not. b. Desperate for just about anything, your neighbors shell out their last few coins to this man, who you believe is a con artist. c. Androids are now the primary caregivers for many elderly people. 4
Study Summaries - COMMUNICATIONS Week 12 Question 12 : Which southern Italian city is commonly credited with the invention of the pizza? a. You develop friendships with the local townsfolk and, over time, are able to find peace and hone your powers without the constant interruption that comes with a position of leadership. b. She reveals that she is a kitsune and vows to exact revenge against those who murdered your family. c. While waiting for the school bus on a rainy day, you notice a set of tiny red eyes peeking out at you from a bush. Question 13 : What does the scientific name desquamation mean? a. You must use it wisely. b. Whenever a person wants to record something with your new invention, five small drones are launched from the phone and get in position to provide every optimal angle for a perfectly shot video. c. You initially ignore his assertion, but he continues to insist that something is in fact down there. Question 14 : How did the German camera business, Leica, obtain its name? Answer: Ernst Leitz merged the first three letters of his surname with the first two letters of "camera." a. You are part of the team set to initiate this project on Mars. b. Quick, grab the legs and let's throw him down the trash chute." c. You have given up all hope of finding the right one, until you find an online dating profile of a person whom you recognize as another participant in this military enhancement program. Question 15 : Is hedonism a good way to live? a. Impatient, you begin to explore the library's dustier shelves and discover an old journal. b. Every evening, bunnies come out in your yard to eat grass and play. c. The hero slowly approaches the still-standing knight and looks down into a seemingly empty suit of armor. 5
Study Summaries - COMMUNICATIONS Week 12 Analysis For Study Summaries Your marketing agency unintentionally discovers a secret government program that uses the same strategy to decrease costs by encouraging the elderly or severely ill to refuse medical treatment. Then, there were several attacks by a spacefaring alien species which thought of humanity as a blight to the cosmos. As part of the working class, you have convinced employers and the government to help cover the costs for workers. You do not listen. You two will be the characters in her new game, and the longer you play, the closer you are to being trapped forever. student. You have registered vehicles from broomsticks to magic carpets, and everything in between. You've grown used to it over time, but every once in a while someone will say something that sticks with you. You were at a loss for words as your uncle explained that he needs your help to start a new business: a dragon zoo. 6
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