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BUS 309
Nov 10, 2023
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COM510 ASSIGNMENT COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE TOPICS In the world of business, we can create opportunities through strategic communication. Throughout our professional careers, there are key events that raise the stakes of our communications approach. WHAT YOU'LL DO 1. 1) Review the Communication Challenge Topics and their accompanying case study examples. 2. 2) Select 1 topic that is professionally relevant for you. 3. 3) Use for your COM510 assignments (Assignment 1: Outline (Week 4); Assignment 2: Written Communication Plan (Week 8); Assignment 3: 5 minute or less Video (Week 10) (the topic you have selected, not the case study example). Note : If there is another challenge or current opportunity in your professional life that is more relevant for you, you may choose a topic that is not on this list. Keep in mind that the communication challenge you select must include both written and verbal communication elements to meet the needs of this course. (Your professor must approve your selection before you proceed.) Examples of each scenario are provided to demonstrate what thoughtful, professional communication would look like in each of these situations. These are only examples and should not be used for completing the assignment. You can create 1
and establish all necessary assumptions. The scenario is yours to explain. WHAT YOU'LL CONSIDER Your topic The topic's importance The problem(s) it solves Its benefits Your audience COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE TOPICS Choose one of the following topics for your assignments: Internal Promotion New Job Opportunity Interview Pitching a Project Idea Mini TED Talk Topic of Your Choice Approved by Your Professor (see Note above) INTERNAL PROMOTION Seeking a promotion from within your company is one opportunity in which strategic communication could mean the difference be- tween success and failure. If you choose this scenario, you'll need to create both a written and a verbal (audio or video) communication. These elements should explain why you are the right person for the internal promotion while addressing potential questions you might need to answer as part of the process. Things to Consider Have you checked the listings on your company's job board lately? Is there a new position you would like to secure? Have you taken on more responsibility at work? Have your outcomes been positive? Do your job title and job description match what you do? (If your job description is inaccurate, be sure to mention this when you are interviewing and/or negotiating.) Case Study Example — Internal Promotion Lakisha has been working at the XYZ Company for two years. She is interested in an internal position that has just opened. The new job involves more responsibility and would require her to supervise personnel for the first time in her career. She believes she brings several strengths to this opportunity. The position would mean reporting to a different manager. It would also 2
include a significant increase in salary and a supervisor title. Lakisha's annual reviews have been good, and she believes her current manager would recommend her for the new position. Lakisha first emails her boss a carefully worded email to set up a time to discuss the job opening in person. She has thoughtfully planned her approach to engage the support of her current manager. Next, Lakisha emails the HR representative hosting the position to formally express her interest. She copies her current manager on the email and submits her application through the company's application portal. These carefully planned and executed steps result in Lakisha receiving an email from the hiring manager. She gets an invitation to interview for the position. Each step in Lakisha's application process has built support for her candidacy in a strategic, meaningful way. She asked probing questions to gain insight into the department, job, and the individuals who were involved in the hiring process. This allows her to arrive for the interview with solid support and a firm knowledge base from which to draw in answering the interviewers' questions. NEW JOB OPPORTUNITY INTERVIEW Every new job opportunity represents a chance to improve your professional position. Strategic communication is critical to make the best first impression, navigate the screening and recruiting process, and secure the job through an interview (or series of them). If you choose this scenario, you'll need to create both a written and a verbal (audio or video) communication. These elements should explain why you are the right person for the job while addressing the types of questions interviewers might ask. Things to Consider Do you follow the latest job listings relative to your area of expertise and industry? Do you have an interview opportunity or position in mind for which you would like to apply? Do your research, write a cover letter, and prepare for an interview that highlights your skill set. How can you bring value to the company? How would you prepare for the initial and follow-up interviews? Case Study Example — New Job Opportunity Brandon is not satisfied in his finance job with a non-profit organization. He wants to move to a fast-growth start-up business. His methodical online searching has yielded what 3
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