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Student Name Professors Name Class Date Assignment With Version Number Word Count Black live matters. Black Lives Matter is an international movement formed to fight against black violence and racism in police brutality form. The name came up due to the many Africans being killed in the united state by police. Thus it demanded society to value humanity and the life of the black people in the united state as they value shite people's lives—the movement eld large and influential protest internationally and across the cities of the united states. The black lives matters are held by the local activist who organizes their programs and campaigns where the chapters are affiliated with Global networks about Black Lives Matter. The research intensively reviews the roles played by black women in the movement and the contribution of the American leaders, and the approaches toward the movement. Role of black women in Black Lives Matter movement. Anay Bickham, the founder of Arizona Black voters, has motivated commuters to voluntarily organize for the community social movement. Arizona Black voters act as the instrument that created Black Roots Nation helped to boost the Black Lives Matter movement in the presidential campaign. Currently, Anay Bickham serves as secretary of the Greater Phoenix group and digital campaigner through various innovations. She actively organizes criminal justice, racial justice, and voting rights both nationally and locally. Jessica Byrd, a political
strategist, focuses on recruiting and electing black peoples and sustaining them. Jessica creates a new pathway for elected leaders and activists to create changes ( Dancy et al.180) . The main interest of Jessica was to allow black feminism in the country and non-mentorship in air transport. Glynda Carr ensured expanded civil participation of black people and public policies progressive that build sustainable communities. Carr also builds powerful political power and leadership to black people as an Executive director of the Education Voters voiced for the reformation of schools in the United States. Maria Chappelle, a black woman, was elected in 2010 to represent St. Louis County in Missouri Senate. She succeeded in the shepherd legislation and worked as the Director of the University City School Board. Joy William is a political strategize and works as the strategic adviser to those elected leaders and in the organization across the country. Joy William is also featured as a commentator on BET and Los Angeles. She is the founder chairman of the Higher Height for American. Black Lives Matter is feminist interrogation of the state power and the crucial structure for inequality ( Anderson & Wendy,125) . Asoka argued that the killing of colored men was reproductive justice issue for black women who have legal rights to see their children live comfortably. Contribution of African leaders to black lives matters movement. Nelson Mandera, who was put on trial in 1962 for illegally leaving the country and inciting workers to strike, argued that to be only the black man in white man's court. He added that those who perpetuated white supremacy to be the enemies of the no matter their color. Nelson added that the opposers of racism form the people irrespective of their racial background ( Jones-Eversley et al. 315) . He signaled an oppressive system not manifested exclusively in the instrumental power.
Conclusion. The research has intensively reviewed how different black women contributed and their roles in the black live matters movement in the United States. Carr expanded the civil participation of all people in the countries also allowed public participation to enhance community sustainability. Anay, the founder of the Arizona black voters and encouraging voluntary participation to all citizens across the country and publicized the activities to the overall program in the country. The research also explains how nelson Mandera contributed to the black lives matters movement in the United States. Mandera explains the opposers of racism to form the people irrespective of their color and background.
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