Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe THIS DOCUMENT WAS GENERATED FOR FREE GET YOUR FREE DOCUMENTS HERE: Q1: Which river flows through the Scottish city of Glasgow?? a. Tweed b. !Clyde c. Tay d. Dee Q2: Scotch whisky and Drambuie make up which cocktail?? a. Screwdriver b. Manhattan c. Sex on the Beach d. !Rusty Nail Q3: What does the "G" mean in "G-Man"?? a. !Government b. Going c. Ghost d. Geronimo Q4: What is the Swedish word for "window"?? a. Ruta b. Skärm c. !Fönster d. Hål Q5: The term "scientist" was coined in which year?? a. 1796 b. !1833 c. 1942 d. 1933 Q6: The new One World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York City was designed by which architect? ? a. Fumihiko Maki b. Michael Arad c. !David Childs d. Bjarke Ingels Q7: Amsterdam Centraal station is twinned with what station??
a. Brussels Midi b. Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof c. Paris Gare du Nord d. !London Liverpool Street Q8: Which of the General Mills Corporation's monster cereals was the last to be released in the 1970& a. !Fruit Brute b. Franken Berry c. Boo-Berry d. Count Chocula Q9: In ancient Greece, if your job were a "hippeus" which of these would you own?? a. Boat b. Weave c. Guitar d. !Horse Q10: A statue of Charles Darwin sits in what London museum?? a. British Museum b. !Natural History Museum c. Tate d. Science Museum
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