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COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES 2 Introduction Communication refers to the process of relaying information from one person (sender) to another person (receiver).An important element of this process is feedback from the receiver which acts as the acknowledgment of the receipt of the relayed information. Senders use numerous modes and strategies to send information with their application depending on the urgency of the information and the target group. In past, communication was restricted to the use of paper or through face-to-face interactions[ CITATION Ric14 \l 1033 ]. However, this has changed in the modern days given the technological advancements that resulted in the advent of the internet and computer-mediated communication. Strategies used in communication are the blueprints that act as a guide on how the information is exchanged between the sender and receiver. This paper explores and gives recommendations for the various communication strategies that were used by The Global News to cover the Ice Storms of the Northern America. Communication strategies The Ice Storm of the Northern America happened in December of 2013 and so it really frustrate and tainted the holidaying mood of 2013.The ice storms resulted in the accumulation of ice on tree branches which consequently to the breakage of some branches. The breakage of some branches interfered with the power lines in this regions hence causing unbearable power outages. Most Northern America roads were covered with ice which reduced friction on the road surfaces thus making the surfaces very slippery for automobiles. The weather specialists had predicted the occurrence of this event although it remains unclear whether the general public had prepared adequately for the aftermath of this event. One thing remains clear, though; the event
COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES 3 paralyzed numerous economic activities in the area that resulted in notable losses for business enterprises. The media played an important role in covering this event especially through the relaying of the cautionary messages. The event was covered by a myriad of media organizations such as The Global News. This organization relied on various communication strategies to report on the Ice Storm event which enabled the general public to prepare both before the ice storms started and during the storms themselves. The underlining purpose of this organization was to help foster public safety by relaying cautionary information on the state of the event in various regions in the Northern America continent. The Global News used three primary communication strategies to report this event and they included: verbal, nonverbal and visual communication strategies[ CITATION Kas14 \l 1033 ]. Verbal communication strategy relies on the use of words to relay information from one person to other. This type of communications makes it easy for people to exchange messages as it guarantees faster relaying of thoughts between the concerned parties. The speed of information transfer makes this mode the most successful type of communication strategy although it contributes only seven percent of all the communication carried out by humans[ CITATION Seo12 \l 1033 ]. The nature of this strategy implies that it has two major forms namely oral and written communication. Due to its success as a form of communication strategy, The Global News organization heavily used it. Oral communication depends on the use of spoken word to relay the message to people and as such it could involve the face-to-face interactions between people, the video referencing communication platforms, voice chat, and communication through phones or any other
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