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Learning Digests COMMUNICATIONS 7602 - Week 7 Dr. Ethan Fisher Submission Date: 2 December 2019 Grace Turner Myra
Learning Digests - COMMUNICATIONS Week 7 Introduction For Learning Digests Interrupted by a shriek from the CEO, both of you run over to investigate. Hvarrtha is a hellish planet, covered completely in active volcanoes. One day you read a book about a fairy. As you scramble to find a way to defend yourself, the figure speaks to you in a rattling voice: "Repent your sins, my child." Your dog walking business in New York City has been doing well for the past few years. You're hunting the gray demon, a creature whose M.O. He tells you that he saw you in a premonition while praying at the Temple of Poseidon and that he is here to help you search for your loved ones. It's bustling and lively, and feelings of contentment and nostalgia wash over you. When one of them drinks your blood, the passion instantly runs through your veins, and your life changes forever. You haven't felt this good in a long time. But as the centuries drag on and you enter the modern age, people begin to see you as a washed-up mascot, no better than the likes of those horrendous animatronic characters from the 1980s. As people run for the exits and alarms ring throughout the facility, you smile, knowing that your spell has worked. You now know what you must do. Those who remain live in nomadic tribes who struggle to survive in a frozen world with limited resources available. Since NASA is being shut down, your only options are either to release the data immediately or to hide it. Over the next few days, the potato plants grow to astronomical sizes — to the point where they're destroying entire farms and houses. Directly across from you is a line of dolls on a shelf, all staring blankly forward. Some of these women are plotting the complete demise of men, who are too distracted to realize or care. A dart impales itself in your arm, but you feel nothing. You take a last look at what is left of the dying Earth and then shut the bunker door as your group descends into it. After decades of antibiotic misuse, the era of antibiotics has effectively ended with the spread of multidrug resistant bacteria. After doing some research, you're surprised to discover that the language is Sumerian, the written passages translate into ancient spells, and your father was not just a magician, but an actual wizard. You've been traveling for twelve years now, and you have not found a single planet that meets the cut. Now, despite the language barrier, you must convince them that you mean no harm—or you will be the next meal for their tigers. 1
Learning Digests - COMMUNICATIONS Week 7 Questions For Learning Digests Instructions : After being dismissed as nothing more than a stalling tactic, you decide to reveal what you have to offer in return. You don't have the technology to burn it away, nor the scanners to track the creatures. The dressmaker creates a stunning dress for you, and the wedding goes off without a hitch. Question 1 : Neptune has how many moons? 14 is the answer. a. You feel confident that you will win the trials, but fall short and come in at second place. b. However, one particular young man bore a striking resemblance to you. c. Desperate for just about anything, your neighbors shell out their last few coins to this man, who you believe is a con artist. Question 2 : Is there anything that even the most imaginative person cannot imagine? a. You have heard something calling to you for weeks on end. b. As an actor since childhood yourself, you are feeling the strain of living in the public eye and are yearning for something much quieter. c. Three months into the job, you finally catch a glimpse of another superhuman jumping rooftop to rooftop and landing impossible distances. Question 3 : Which famous artist composed the GoldenEye theme song? a. When the new king rose to power, the immortal and bloodthirsty warrior's first order of business was to kill those who opposed him on the royal council. b. Out the front door, down the back alley, up a fire escape. c. With nothing left for you but the unintended consequences of betrayal, you collected your belongings and abandoned the doomed people you had sworn to protect. 2
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