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Facebook is a social community. In order to thrive in Facebook, you must socialize and participate in this community. Start applying these simple facebook training tips to generate free targeted leads. You want to be sure to: 1. Add Value, 2. Be Honest, and 3. Do Not Pitch Your Business Just remember, if you are too aggressive, Facebook will ban your account. INVITE FRIENDS YOU ALREADY KNOW A great way to start building your friends list is to invite people you already know. Even though you don't think they would be interested in what you have to offer. You never know if maybe one of their friends might be. Think all the way back to high school. Dig out that old yearbook and see if your classmates are on Facebook. Don't forget your college buddies, as well. Also, think about past or present clubs, sports team, church groups, or organizations you belong to. Reconnecting with people you already know will establish you as a trusted friend in the Facebook community. JOIN GROUPS WITHIN YOUR TARGET MARKET Join as many big groups as you want. About 30 should be plenty. You want to join groups that falls within your targeted market. There are 2 ways you can locate groups to join. Use search box. In the upper right hand corner of Facebook, is a search box. Since I am a network marketer, I will use MLM as a group type. Type in MLM and a list of groups will appear. Use the filter to show the groups based on size - highest to lowest. Accept group invitations. On your Facebook Homepage, look at the upper right hand corner under Requests. Any group invitation will appear here. Click on the invitation icon and a list of groups that sent invitations will appear. You want to join groups with like minded people so be sure to check out the group's info page and see if it is really a group you wish to join.
This process does not take long to do. START YOUR OWN GROUP Having your own group brands you as a leader. Here are a few points to setting up your own group. Use your domain name in the title if at all possible.For Example, my domain name is "Prospect Attraction Marketing" and this group's name is "Top-Notch Prospect Attraction Marketing Methods Generate FREE Leads".By using your domain name as part of your group name, helps with search engine optimization. Add a good photo.Use PowerPoint to add text beside your picture. When people sees your group, having text and being different will draw more prospects to you. Invite your friends to your group.Facebook is very strict so you want to be sure to keep it simple and only invite no more than 50 friends per day. Send a personal message asking them to join. Start posting to your group wall as if it was your blog.Make sure that you post value. You want to be sought after as a leader. This process should only take you about 5 minutes. By inviting 50 friends per day, you should get on average about 10 members per day. INVITE NEW FRIENDS Now that you have invited friends that you already know, it is time to start inviting and meeting new friends. There are 2 ways to find people you want to target. In the search bar, type in MLM, just like you did when you joined groups. A list of groups comes up. Find a group with lots of members and start inviting friends. In the search bar, type in a guru in your industry. For example, Mike Dillard. You know his friends are network marketers and your targeted market (if network marketers are your target). A lot of the big dogs hang out here.
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