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AND 2020
Nov 9, 2023
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8 Manage the delivery of your communication or education plan by: 8.1 arranging for the delivery of one planned activity (e.g. booking a meeting room for a live demonstration) booking a meeting room for a live demonstration 8.2 managing the delivery of the planned activity (e.g. sending a meeting request to relevant personnel, seeking confirmation that the activity has been completed etc.) Good morning, everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I have created a change management plan for the organization. I will occasionally have skip-level meetings with all staff members to gather information regarding the change management plan and strategy. As a result of this meeting, we will build relationships and gain a better understanding of everyone's perspective. In this email, I'm inviting you all to a meeting where we'll discuss the change management plan and receive feedback about it. Your team members may ask questions or provide feedback during these sessions. In addition, I will share common feedback and patterns specific to you. Ultimately, these meetings are meant to improve productivity within our company. We'll see you all tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. in the conference room. Thanks TASK 4 Section 3: Evaluate your change management strategy 1 Assess your communication/education plan. 1.1 Has the plan been implemented as specified? yes 1.2 Have the objectives of the plan been achieved? yes 1.3 How have personnel responded to the changes? The personnel has responded to the changes through establishing clear points for discussion and input and setting up realistic expectations about where they can provide input 1.4 What has been successful? Communicated frequently and openly. Engaged with front-line employees. Dedicated change management resources. 1.5 What requires improvement?
Plan for the Change Provide Resources and Use Data for Evaluation Communication channels 2 Respond to barriers to the changes/opportunities. 2.1 What barriers have been experienced in the organisation as a result of the implemented changes (identify at least one)? Impact on customers Poor morale Fear of robotic automation Economic downturn Spam and virus Fear of customers' dissatisfaction 2.2 How should you respond to the barriers? Note: Consider your organisation's objectives and the risk management plan you developed in Section 2 of your Project Portfolio Get feedback Commit to change Make decision Increase productivity Maintain and upgrade software Keep data recorded
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