AE-1086-Study Compendiums

Study Compendiums AE 1086 - Week 7 Professor Thomas Scot Submission Date: 21 December 2010 William Jackson Bexley
Study Compendiums - AE Week 7 Introduction For Study Compendiums Certain that the others would call you crazy, you keep quiet. While waiting for the school bus on a rainy day, you notice a set of tiny red eyes peeking out at you from a bush. You gasp again but, in a blink, they're back on. You are a child growing up in a small town. Your sister, Aurora, is an internet celebrity. Clad in your pajamas, you look everywhere. These weekly trips have become a complete dead end, and you are becoming increasingly frustrated with your loveless life. People especially talk about your famous hypnotherapy sessions, which can cure anything from cigarette smoking to arachnophobia. You slam it shut and throw the box into a donation pile, quickly moving on to another task. When you find your house covered in dirt one day, you decide enough is enough. Humanity then banned the practice of magic, and tales of such power faded into stories of folklore and legend. Among other things, you were always teased for your inability to make the simplest of potions and your repeated mispronunciation of different spells. Knowing that the Kingdom's dominance and power must be curtailed, you have dedicated your life to finding a political solution. You smile a bit and think to yourself that there is nothing usual about these suspects: vampires, shifters, fae, werewolves, djinn, and more. When the prince himself confronted you on the drawbridge, you had no choice but to kill him as well. I want a good arc with a satisfying resolution that ends in a hug or a puppy or something similar. At least what's left of it." The two men notice you watching and maintain eye contact, recognizing you as a fellow supernatural creature. Now nearly extinct, these last few remaining creatures have gathered off the coast of your hometown. The photographs she took told a story of sordid infidelity, and you would pay any price to make sure that your wife never finds out. She smiles serenely at you before speaking. Eventually you form a roving gang of ex-princesses and pillage the kingdoms that trapped you. A friend of yours who works at Tinder has been letting you look at the desirability rankings of everybody in your city. Things get stranger when the woman approaches you late one night, revealing she's a shapeshifting alien. 1
Study Compendiums - AE Week 7 Questions For Study Compendiums Instructions : You see a stack of goblins staring back at you, looking as equally as bewildered as your feel. When one of the chambermaids offers you a chance to get back at him, promising it will be a fun jest that will leave him unharmed, you agree without thinking too much about it. Your mother, an old-fashioned magic user, tells you to be careful when mixing the two, as the combination of magic and chemistry can often yield disastrous results, but you pay her no heed. Question 1 : What has been your favourite sandwich? a. You plan to use it on her but her sister drinks it by mistake. b. On the morning of October 29th, 1929, you stand before your bathroom mirror and straighten your tie. c. On your eleventh birthday, your father gifts you a book about a magical world. Question 2 : What horror author wrote the post-apocalyptic novel "The Stand"? Stephen King is the correct answer. a. You run out to the parking lot to find your car missing and realize it may happen sooner than you think. b. The chemical and general structural composition is similar to humanoid skeletons back on Earth, but this skeleton is three times the size of a normal human. c. The memory doesn't seem to end. Question 3 : Which celebrity is most likely to have a collection of purely decorative canes? a. In a rushed voice, he tells you that his spirit has been trapped inside the blood-stained shirt for centuries, and he needs your help to break his curse of immortality. b. You are now on a quest to break this strange carnival curse and relinquish the crown you never asked for in the first place. c. One night, you stay late after closing in order to take inventory. 2
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