INDESIGN G - METRIX EXAM STUDY GUIDE LESSON 1 - 1 (AUDIENCE.COMMUNICATION,COPY RIGHT, PERMISSIONS AND LICENSING) WRITTEN TEST EXAM QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1. When creating content for an audience that may be visually impaired to a point, be sure to choose ____ options accordingly. - Typographical In the cycle of a design plan, a sketch would be considered its first ____ - Wireframe ____ are any limitations that may affect the project's schedule - Contraints When reading a Creative Commons license, ND stands for ____, meaning the work can be used but not altered - NonDerivs In order to use someone's likeness in a project, they will need to sign a ____ release - License What are the four main content questions that need to be answered for every project you work on? - -What are the goals of this project? -Who is the target audience? -What are the audience demographic? -Where is it going to? (True or False) It is important to determine how the project will be distributed - True ____ and ____ projects will have default color differences - Web, Print What are the starting issues to consider for a new project - -Project Specifications -The Way Projects will be distrubted -Web or Print -Colors or Grayscale or both Define Wireframe - The visual guide that represents the overall look of a website Define Iteration - A cycle of a design plan
Define Project Scope - A definition of the project and details such as the how, why and when of the project Define Change Orders - Formal changes to the project scope. Any of these should be officially requested and approved or denied Define Feedback Loop - The order in which feedback is presented on a aspect of a project Define Scope Creep - The act of unauthorized change to a project scope Define Timeline - A project manager also needs to put all of the elements together and come up with an estimated time to complete Define Breadth and Depth - Breadth is the extent or measure of how broad or wide something is while depth is the vertical distance below a surface; the degree to which something is deep. Define Task - The individual project pieces that need to be completed in order for a project to be successful Define Resources - A project manager needs to identify and find resources available for a project. Need to be available during the time frame of the project. Also include equipments or other tangible items needed Define Constraints - Limitations which will affect the project schedule Define Due Date - This should include not only the overall due date of a project, but also the due dates of any major milestones Define Budget - Project managers may or may not have a hand in determining a project budget Define Stakeholder - Any person or entity or entity who has an interest in the outcome of the project (True or False) A stakeholder does not need to be managed because the project must fit their requirements - False What is a project lifecycle? - The way a project gets created What are the five project management phases? What is accomplished in each phase? - Planning and Analysis- During this time, you and your team (peers and clients both) are collaborating to figure out how to solve whatever problem has been presented Designing-Time to design the solution Building-Building the solution
Testing-Testing the solution to make sure it matches the design and solves the problem presented Implementing/Publishing-Publishing the InDesign project to whatever to whatever platforms were specified in the project scope What is the symbol for CC BY-NC-SA? - What is the symbol for CC BY-NC? - What is the symbol for CC BY? - (ignore SA) What is the symbol for Copyright? - What is the symbol for CC BY-NC-ND? - What is the symbol for Public Domain? - *but the it's crossed off* What is the symbol for CC BY-SA? - *ignore NC* What is the symbol for CC BY-ND? - *Ignore NC* What does CC stand for? - Creative Commons-A type of license which gives others permission to share, use, or add to a created work What does BY stand for? - Attribution-Meaning you need to credit the original author for the work you are using What does SA stand for? - ShareAlike-Meaning when using the work, share it with the same license as what is applied to the original work What does ND stand for? - NoDerivs-Meaning no derivitaves of the work. In other words, the work can be used but cannot be altered What does NC stand for? - Non-Commercial-Meaning you can use the work as long as you do not charge for it Which license do not allow changes? - ShareAlike and NoDerives Which licenses do not require attribution? - None If you change an item that is not public domain, is the design now yours? Why? - Public Domain that everyone can use it, not having it's own owner What is the international term to fair use? - Fair Dealing (True or False) All works need to have a copyright submitted or they are fair use - False
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