1. In which Shakespeare play does the character Marcellus say, quot;Something is rotten in the state of Denmarkquot;? a. King Lear b. Twelfth Night c. !Hamlet d. Macbeth 2. Which of these musicals won the Tony Award for Best Musical? a. Newsies b. American Idiot c. !Rent d. The Color Purple 3. Who is the musical director for the award winning musical quot;Hamiltonquot;? a. LinManuel Miranda b. !Alex Lacamoire c. Renee EliseGoldberry d. Leslie Odom Jr. 4. What is the name of Broadway039;s first quot;longrunquot; musical? a. The Book of Mormon b. Hamilton c. Wicked d. !The Elves 5. In Shakespeare039;s play Julius Caesar, Caesar039;s last words were... a. Vidi, vini, vici. b. !Et tu, Brute? c. Iacta alea est! d. Aegri somnia vana. 6. In Jeff Wayne039;s Musical Version of War of the Worlds, the chances of anything coming from Mars are... a. A hundred to one b. A billion to one c. !A million to one d. A trillion to one 7. Who wrote the lyrics for Leonard Bernstein039;s 1957 Brodway musical West Side Story? a. !Stephen Sondheim b. Himself c. Oscar Hammerstein d. Richard Rodgers 8. After England, more Shakespeare plays are set in this present day country than in any other. a. !Italy b. Greece c. France d. United States
9. Who played quot;Charlie Pricequot; in the musical quot;Kinky Bootsquot; on Broadway in New York from May 26th Aug 6th 2017? a. Ed Sheeren b. Tom Cruise c. !Brendon Urie d. Dallon Weekes 10. The musical quot;Dirty Rotten Scoundrelsquot; is set in what country? a. Germany b. Sweden c. !France d. USA 11. Which of these plays was famously first performed posthumously after the playwright committed suicide? a. Hamilton b. The Birthday Party c. !4.48 Psychosis d. Much Ado About Nothing 1. Who painted the Mona Lisa? a. Claude Monet b. Vincent van Gogh c. !Leonardo da Vinci d. Pablo Picasso 2. Who painted the Sistine Chapel? a. Raphael b. Pablo Picasso c. !Michelangelo d. Leonardo da Vinci 3. What French sculptor designed the Statue of Liberty? a. JeanLeacute;on Geacute;rocirc;me b. Auguste Rodin c. Henri Matisse d. !Freacute;deacute;ric Auguste Bartholdi 4. Which artistrsquo;s studio was known as 039;The Factory039;? a. Peter Blake b. Roy Lichtenstein c. !Andy Warhol d. David Hockney 5. What nationality was the surrealist painter Salvador Dali? a. French b. !Spanish c. Portuguese d. Italian
6. Pablo Picasso is one of the founding fathers of quot;Cubism.quot; a. False b. !True 7. Which one of these paintings is not by Caspar David Friedrich? a. !The Black Sea b. The Monk by the Sea c. Wanderer above the Sea of Fog d. The Sea of Ice 8. Which Van Gogh painting depicts the view from his asylum in SaintReacute;mydeProvence in southern France? a. !The Starry Night b. Wheatfields with Crows c. The Church at Auvers d. The Sower with Setting Sun 9. Venus of Willendorf is one of the earliest works of art, depicting the planets Mars and Venus embrace in the heavens at night. a. True b. !False 1. What are the base station trackers used for the HTC Vive called? a. Trackers b. Motion c. Constellation d. !Lighthouse 2. The Western Electric Model 500 telephone uses tone dialing to dial phone numbers. a. !False b. True 3. Which buzzword did Apple Inc. use to describe their removal of the headphone jack? a. Innovation b. !Courage c. Bravery d. Revolution 4. When was the DVD invented? a. 1980 b. 1990 c. 2000 d. !1995 5. When did the CD begin to appear on the consumer market?
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