Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@firebirdtech Q1: What is the world's most expensive spice by weight?? a. Cardamom b. !Saffron c. Cinnamon d. Vanilla Q2: What is the defining characteristic of someone who is described as hirsute?? a. Tall b. Rude c. Funny d. !Hairy Q3: Who is a co-founder of music streaming service Spotify?? a. Felix Miller b. Michael Breidenbruecker c. !Daniel Ek d. Sean Parker Q4: What alcoholic drink is mainly made from juniper berries?? a. Tequila b. Rum c. Vodka d. !Gin Q5: What is a dead mall?? a. A mall with no stores b. A mall that has been condemed c. A mall after business hours d. !A mall with high vacancy rates or low consumer foot traffic Q6: Where does water from Poland Spring water bottles come from?? a. Masovia, Poland b. Hesse, Germany c. Bavaria, Poland d. !Maine, United States Q7: Who invented Pastafarianism?? a. Zach Soldi b. !Bobby Henderson
c. Bill Nye d. Eric Tignor Q8: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died from complications of which form of cancer?? a. Liver b. Bone c. Stomach d. !Pancreatic Q9: Computer manufacturer Compaq was acquired for $25 billion dollars in 2002 by which company?? a. !Hewlett-Packard b. Asus c. Dell d. Toshiba Q10: Frank Lloyd Wright was the architect behind what famous building?? a. !The Guggenheim b. Sydney Opera House c. The Space Needle d. Villa Savoye
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