Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe Q1: What name represents the letter "M" in the NATO phonetic alphabet?? a. Max b. Matthew c. !Mike d. Mark Q2: What was the destination of the missing flight MH370?? a. Singapore b. !Beijing c. Kuala Lumpur d. Tokyo Q3: The term "scientist" was coined in which year?? a. 1796 b. 1933 c. 1942 d. !1833 Q4: What is a dead mall?? a. A mall that has been condemed b. !A mall with high vacancy rates or low consumer foot traffic c. A mall with no stores d. A mall after business hours Q5: Which iconic Disneyland attraction was closed in 2017 to be remodeled as a "Guardians of the Gal a. Peter Pan's Flight b. !Twilight Zone Tower of Terror c. The Haunted Mansion d. Pirates of the Caribbean Q6: What is a Burgee?? a. A type of food b. !A flag c. A rope d. A window Q7: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died from complications of which form of cancer?? a. Liver b. Bone
c. !Pancreatic d. Stomach Q8: Earl Grey tea is black tea flavoured with what?? a. Vanilla b. Lavender c. Honey d. !Bergamot oil Q9: The website "Shut Up & Sit Down" reviews which form of media?? a. !Board Games b. Films c. Television Shows d. Video Games Q10: Whose greyscale face is on the kappa emoticon on Twitch?? a. !Josh DeSeno b. Justin DeSeno c. Jimmy DeSeno d. John DeSeno
laxy" themed ride??
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