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4. In the context of automotive safety, what does ABS stand for? a) Anti-Brake System b) Automatic Brake System c) Advanced Braking System d) Anti-Lock Braking System 5. In the context of computer security, what does the acronym "SSL" stand for? a) Secure Socket Layer b) System Software Library c) Secure System Login d) Security Standard Language 6. In marketing, what is the term for the practice of creating and distributing valuable content to attract and engage a target audience? a) Content marketing b) Guerrilla marketing c) Viral marketing d) Affiliate marketing 7. What is the term for a measure of the resistance of a material to the flow of electric current? a) Voltage b) Resistance c) Capacitance d) Impedance
8. How can following change management best practices minimize risks from technology changes? a) Communication, testing, roll back plans, phased roll outs - minimize business disruption. b) Change freezes to stabilize production. c) Changes involve minimal risk and require little oversight. d) Change management provides few measurable benefits. 9. What is the difference between black box, white box, and gray box testing? a) Black box focuses on requirements, white box examines code, gray box has limited knowledge. b) No difference - all terms refer to the same testing. c) Black box examines code, white box focuses on requirements, gray box combines them. d) Black box is automated, white box is manual, gray box is performance testing.
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